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Aja Crowder’s Collection of Cars, Age, Reality Tv Realtor with A Competitive Edge

Aja Crowder’s Collection of Cars, Age, Reality Tv Realtor with A Competitive Edge

She’s the woman behind the man – Channing Crowder’s doting wife of over a decade. Though the former NFL linebacker has made a name for himself in the world of sports, his better half Aja Crowder is a rising star in her own right. Born on June 10, 1986 in the United States, the 37-year-old Aja comes from an athletic background herself, having played Division 1 tennis while attending Howard University. These days, she’s busy juggling her roles as a mother of three, a cast member on the reality show Baller Wives, and a successful real estate agent catering to high-end clients in Miami.

Aja frequently gives fans a glimpse into her glamorous lifestyle through Instagram, where she posts about her family, days out shopping, and jet-setting tropical vacations. She also makes regular appearances supporting her husband on his sports podcasts like I AM ATHLETE. Together, Channing and Aja have built a beautiful life since tying the knot in 2011. They may have first met on the football field, but today this power couple dominates across sports, real estate, and reality TV.

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the woman who captured Channing Crowder’s heart. From her impressive tennis skills to designing multimillion dollar homes, find out how Aja Crowder scored big both in sports and life. Her passion, style, and determination are an inspiration to all.


Aja Crowder was born on June 10, 1986. Her age now in 2023 is 37 years.


Before she was a Football Wife, Aja Crowder was making waves on the tennis court. Born in the United States in 1986, she demonstrated athletic talent and competitive spirit from a young age. Aja played tennis throughout her school years, becoming skilled enough to earn a university scholarship. She attended the illustrious Howard University and played Division 1 tennis for the Howard Bisons.

During her tennis career, Aja gained attention for her aggressive playing style, powerful serve, and ability to dominate on court. She helped lead her team to multiple winning seasons and championships. Aja’s passion for tennis continued even after graduating from Howard University. She played in amateur tournaments and also began coaching young athletes looking to follow in her footsteps.

Beyond excelling at tennis, Aja was a dedicated student with a passion for business and real estate. She graduated from Howard with a degree in Business Administration. Little did she know then how perfectly her studies would prep her for a future career in luxury real estate. Aja’s driven personality and competitive nature proved valuable both on and off the courts.


Aja Crowder first met her future husband Channing Crowder in college, when both were standout athletes at the top of their game. The exact details of their meet-cute are unknown, but some reports suggest the pair crossed paths on the sports fields of their Florida universities.

Channing Crowder played as a linebacker for the University of Florida Gators, eventually getting drafted into the NFL in 2005. When he and Aja met, he was a rising football star, while she was making waves as a Division 1 tennis champion. Perhaps it was their shared passion for sports that first sparked their connection.

The two college athletes took their time getting to know each other and began dating around 2005. They dated for six years before Channing popped the question. In 2011, Channing and Aja tied the knot in an intimate wedding in Atlanta, Georgia.

From the start, Aja was supportive of her husband’s demanding football career. She attended his NFL games on weekends, cheering him on from the sidelines. And when Channing made the decision to retire from professional football in 2012, Aja was right there by his side, ready to embark on this new chapter together.

Though their relationship started on the sports field, Channing and Aja built a lasting love and partnership that extended far beyond athletics. Over a decade later, this power couple continues to have each other’s back in everything they do.


These days, Aja Crowder enjoys life in the spotlight as a reality TV star and luxury real estate agent. She landed a spot on the Miami-based show Baller Wives, which follows a glamorous group of professional athletes’ partners. Aja’s outgoing personality and sense of humor make her a standout on the show. She also shares tidbits from her personal life with fans on Instagram.

When she’s not filming reality TV, Aja stays busy running her own real estate firm – Crowder Realty Group. She leverages her Business Administration degree and passion for high-end properties to find homes for celebrity clients. Aja has an eye for design and specializes in multimillion dollar listings, securing deals across Miami’s most exclusive neighborhoods.

On top of her bustling career, Aja is a devoted mother of three children – Channing Jr., Cayden, and Caden. She prefers to keep her kids out of the limelight, but will occasionally share family snapshots on social media. Aja also makes time to support her husband Channing’s sports podcasting career, making guest appearances on shows like I AM ATHLETE.

After over a decade of marriage, Aja and Channing have built an amazing life together. They juggle successful careers in real estate, sports media, and reality TV, all while raising their family. Through it all, Aja remains the same driven, tenacious, and stylish woman she’s always been. She continues to impress fans with her range of talents and passions.


Throughout her impressive career, Aja Crowder has shown she is a woman of many talents. From dominating on the tennis court to selling luxury homes, she pursues every endeavor with grace and tenacity. Aja’s competitive spirit that shone during her athletic days is now channeled into succeeding in business and life.

She also balances her professional accomplishments with dedication to her family. Alongside husband Channing Crowder, Aja has built a wonderful life together centered around their three children. She continues to support Channing’s endeavors while making her own mark on reality TV and real estate.

Aja Crowder is admired by many for her range of passions, work ethic, and strength of character. Her pursuits across sports, television, business, and motherhood are an inspiration. She reminds her fans that it’s possible to have both an exciting career and loving family.

With such an impressive past and present, one can only imagine what Aja Crowder will take on next. No matter what new ventures or opportunities come her way, she is sure to approach them with the same fearless spirit that has served her well so far. Aja’s future looks bright, and her fans are excited to follow along on her continued path to success.


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