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Alec Benjamin Bio, Wiki, Girlfriend, Physical Features, Career, Net Worth

Alec Benjamin Bio, Wiki, Girlfriend, Physical Features, Career, Net Worth

Alec Benjamin is an American singer, songwriter, musician and model who has captured the hearts of fans around the world with his soulful lyrics and captivating melodies. Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, Benjamin first gained widespread recognition in 2018 with his hit single “Let Me Down Slowly” which has amassed over 1.4 billion streams on Spotify. With his unique blend of folk-pop, indie and hip-hop influences, he has gained the hearts of listeners everywhere. With his heartfelt storytelling and raw vulnerability, Alec Benjamin has quickly become a rising star in the music scene, leaving a lasting impact on listeners everywhere. He is currently signed to Elektra Records, a record label which he signed to in 2021.  But who really is the singer-guitarist who has captivated his audiences with his sweet tunes? In this article, we will delve into the life and career of Alec Benjamin.

Alec Benjamin Bio.

Alec Shane Benjamin, who is professionally known as Alec Benjamin, is an American singer, songwriter musician and model who was born on May 28, 1994 and is currently 29 years old. He hails from the city of Phoenix, Arizona and bears the Gemini zodiac sign. He is an excellent guitarist who started playing guitar whilst in high school and he later coupled his guitar skills with singing. He widely-known for his 2018 hit single “Let Me Down Slowly” which received critical acclaim from the general public and currently sits at over 1.4 billion streams on Spotify and over 541 million views on YouTube. His music is known for its heartfelt storytelling and narration. He maintains a healthy social media presence with over 1.7 million followers on his Instagram account. He has toured in countries such as the United Arab Emirates. He is also a model who has been featured on the cover of magazines such as the Hazze Magazine. He is a Caucasian and is believed to be from a Christian background but it is unclear whether he follows the same faith. He is bilingual and speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese alongside his native tongue, English.

Educational Background.

He had his high school education in a local high school in Phoenix, Arizona and later enrolled at the University of Southern California situated in Los Angeles.

Parents & Siblings.

He is the son Mr. Shane and Janet, a couple from Phoenix, Arizona. His mother, Janet, joined him on his interview on the Late Show with James Corden. He reportedly has an older sister by the name of Logan whom he grew up with in Phoenix.


He has not revealed any adequate information regarding his relationship status aside a post he made on X (formerly known as Twitter) in 2016 that he once had a girlfriend but things did not end pretty well. He has ever since not detailed any information regarding his relationship status or life.

Physical Features.

Per reliable sources, the rapper currently stands at a stunning height of 5 feet 8 inches tall and has a body weight of 65 kilograms. His height and weight contribute to him having an averagely slim physique. He has a dark-brown hair and hazel-colored eyes.


He commenced his musical journey in 2013 when he released his first EP “America”, this gave him much recognition and in 2014, he signed a deal with Columbia Records which was terminated weeks after he submitted his album. He went on to fund his tour in Europe and was the opening artiste for Marina Kaye and Lea in France and Germany respectively. Due to the lack of a label to push his music, he did so himself by performing in public spaces whilst handing out his business cards to passersby.

On November 16, 2018, he released an album entitled “Narrated for You” which featured his groundbreaking and breakthrough song “Let Me Down Slowly” which has amassed over 1.4 billion streams on Spotify and over 541 million views on YouTube, making it his most successful song.

Fast forward May 29, 2020, he released his debut studio album “These Two Windows” under Atlantic Records. The album peaked at number 8 on the Billboard Top Album Sales Chart.

On April 15, 2022, he released his second studio album “(Un)Commentary under Elektra Records. In 2023, he opened for John Mayer on his North American tour and also appeared on the annual Minecraft Live Show where he sang a tailored Minecraft version of his hit song “Let Me Down Slowly” using words from the Minecraft game.

Net Worth.

According to reliable sources, the amount of money Alec has in his possession is estimated at $3 million as of 2023, a testament to his hard work, unwavering determination and perseverance.


Full NameAlec Shane Benjamin
Stage NameAlec Benjamin
Profession(s)Singer, Songwriter, Model
D.O.BMay 28, 1994
Age29 years
Zodiac SignGemini
HometownPhoenix, Arizona
Net Worth$2 million
Height5 feet 8 inches
Weight65 kilograms

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