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Andrew Schulz’s Better Half: Meet Multifaceted Wife Emma Turner

Andrew Schulz’s Better Half: Meet Multifaceted Wife Emma Turner

Comedian Andrew Schulz is known for his sharp wit, unfiltered humor, and fearless comedy routines that leave no topic untouched. He has built a massive fan-base through his comedy tours, podcasts like The Brilliant Idiots, acting roles, and comedy specials on Netflix. However, behind this hilariously talented comic is a brilliant woman who supports him in all his endeavors – his wife, Emma Turner.

Emma Turner is not just another celebrity wife; she is an ambitious, educated, and accomplished woman in her own right. As a professional pilates instructor, food blogger, and MBA student, Emma pursues her own passions while also encouraging Andrew’s comedy career. She provides a grounding balance to his unapologetic style.

The two first met while Emma was studying at NYU in New York City in the late 2010s. Andrew was also focused on growing his comedy career in the city at the time. They felt an instant connection and soon started dating. After a few years of getting to know each other, Andrew proposed in 2020. The couple had an intimate pandemic wedding in 2021, cementing their love and partnership.

While both have demanding careers, Emma and Andrew make their relationship work through trust, communication, and laughter. They support each other’s dreams, collaborate on projects together, and face any criticism side-by-side. Andrew gains inspiration from Emma’s drive and determination. Emma appreciates Andrew’s humor and creativity.

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at Emma Turner—her background, career, hobbies, relationship with Andrew, and more. There’s much more to her than being the wife of a famous comedian. She is a multi-faceted woman with her own goals and passions. Through her partnership with Andrew Schulz, she exemplifies the power of a strong, supportive relationship.


Emma Turner is an educated, ambitious woman who has built an impressive career for herself. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Fashion and Fiction from the renowned Gallatin School at NYU. During her undergrad years, Emma gained valuable experience interning at top companies like Marie Claire magazine, book publisher Penguin Random House, and luxury fashion house BALENCIAGA. These opportunities allowed her to learn the ins and outs of creative industries.

After graduating college, Emma worked at two Fortune 500 companies – tech giant Apple and financial services corporation Mastercard. Her time at these innovative companies expanded her business acumen. Now, Emma is furthering her education and career by pursuing a Master’s in Business Administration in New York City.

Beyond the corporate world, Emma is also thriving as a fitness entrepreneur. She became a certified pilates instructor and now teaches popular online classes to clients across the globe. Emma is able to share her passion for health and wellness with her students. She also runs a food blog called Blistered Peppers, where she provides approachable recipes and restaurant recommendations with an eye for substitutions and dietary restrictions. Emma Turner certainly has an array of talents and interests that keep her busy. Her drive and work ethic are undeniably impressive.


Andrew Schulz and Emma Turner make quite the power couple. Their relationship timeline began back in the late 2010s while Emma was attending college in New York City, at the same time Andrew was focused on growing his comedy career. The two felt instant chemistry when they met and started dating shortly thereafter.

After getting to know one another for a few years, Andrew decided to pop the question in 2020. Despite the pandemic, Andrew and Emma were able to have an intimate wedding ceremony in 2021 surrounded by their closest family and friends.

In both their professional and personal lives, Andrew and Emma support each other unconditionally. Emma often provides feedback to Andrew on his comedy material and business ideas, leveraging her marketing experience. And Andrew happily promotes Emma’s pilates business and food blog to his wide audience on social media. 

The two do face challenges at times – like dealing with rumors or unfair criticism. But Emma and Andrew maintain trust in each other and don’t let outside opinions shake their relationship. At the end of the day, they cherish the laughter, joy, and motivation they provide each other. Their unique bond fuels both their careers and their happiness.


While extremely career-driven, Emma Turner does make time for fun in her busy schedule. She has an adventurous spirit and loves traveling the world, having been to exotic locales like Thailand, Japan, Italy, and Australia. Emma enjoys immersing herself in different cultures and cuisines during her travels, often gathering inspiration for new recipes.

Back at home, Emma has a playful side too. She proudly takes on the role of dog mom to her pet pup Charlie. Emma also indulges her inner fangirl by binge-watching shows like Game of Thrones and Harry Potter. Perhaps she watches them alongside her comedian husband Andrew Schulz, who seems to bring out her fun and youthful side.

Emma celebrates her birthday on Valentine’s Day, which seems fitting for someone so driven by passion. She also considers herself a feminist and strives to empower other women. Overall, Emma Turner leads a full life doing what she loves – whether it’s traveling, cooking, working out, or supporting her hilarious husband. Her joyfulness and determination are contagious.


Andrew Schulz has undoubtedly achieved huge success in the comedy world through his edgy humor and fearless presence on stage. However, the brilliant woman behind the scenes supporting him is his wife Emma Turner. She is not simply defined by being Schulz’s partner – Emma is a well-educated, ambitious woman thriving in her multiple careers as a pilates instructor, food blogger, and MBA student.

Emma and Andrew make the perfect team, supporting each other’s professional and personal goals. They bring out the best in one another. While Emma helps ground Andrew, he encourages her sense of fun and adventure. This power couple shows that a great partnership is built on mutual trust, laughter, and motivation to reach for the stars.

The next time you catch Andrew Schulz’s comedy, remember the inspirational woman cheering him on behind the curtain. Emma Turner exemplifies determination, passion, and balance in all areas of life. She is a reminder that empowered women can achieve greatness on their own terms, even if they have a famous comedian by their side.

Andrew Schulz is lucky to have such a brilliant partner in both comedy and life. Together, Emma and Andrew are an unstoppable force ready to take on the world.

What do you think about Emma Turner and her relationship with Andrew Schulz? Do you admire or envy them? Let me know in the comments below.

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