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Bunnie XO: The Dumb Blonde Who Is Actually Smart, Successful and Married to a Country Star

Bunnie XO: The Dumb Blonde Who Is Actually Smart, Successful and Married to a Country Star

Bunnie XO is not your typical blonde bombshell. She is a model, a podcaster, a singer, an actress, and a celebrity wife. She is also a survivor of domestic abuse, a mother of two stepchildren, and a dog lover. She is married to Jelly Roll, a rapper, singer, and reformed drug dealer who has taken the country music scene by storm. In this article, we will explore the life and career of Bunnie XO, the woman behind the man who is breaking stereotypes and barriers in the music industry.

From Vegas to Nashville

Bunnie XO was born on January 22, 1980, in Nashville, Tennessee. She grew up in a single-parent household, as her father, Bill Spills, raised her alone after her mother left them. She had a difficult childhood, as she faced poverty, bullying, and low self-esteem. She dropped out of high school and moved to Las Vegas, where she started working as a stripper and a model. She also got involved in an abusive relationship, which left her with physical and emotional scars.

She met Jelly Roll in 2015, when she attended one of his shows at Sin City’s Country Saloon. She was instantly drawn to his sad eyes and his soulful voice. She reached out to him through mutual friends, and he responded by inviting her to join him on his tour. She left her abusive ex and packed her bags, ready to start a new life with Jelly Roll. They got married in August 2016, in a small ceremony in Nashville.

A Model and a Podcaster

Bunnie XO is not just a trophy wife. She is a successful model and a podcaster, who has built her own brand and fan base. She has appeared in several magazines, such as Inked, Rebel Ink, and Urban Ink. She has also starred in some of Jelly Roll’s music videos, such as “Save Me”, “Son of a Sinner”, and “Creature”. She is known for her curvy figure, her tattoos, and her blonde hair.

She is also the host of the Dumb Blonde Podcast, a show where she interviews guests from various backgrounds and fields, such as musicians, comedians, sex workers, influencers, and more. She covers topics such as life lessons, the sex industry, being an influencer, and being a celebrity wife. She describes herself as “the degenerate love child of Dolly Parton and Dr. Ruth” and “the trailer park Barbara Walters”. She is not afraid to speak her mind, share her opinions, and ask provocative questions. She also showcases her singing talent, as she performs covers and original songs on her podcast.

A Supportive and Loving Wife

Bunnie XO is the biggest supporter and fan of her husband, Jelly Roll. She has been by his side through his struggles with addiction, legal issues, and career challenges. She has helped him overcome his demons and find his voice as an artist. She is proud of his achievements, such as winning three awards at the 2023 CMT Music Awards and being nominated for two Grammy Awards. She often posts sweet and heartfelt messages for him on her social media accounts, expressing her love and admiration for him.

She is also a devoted stepmother to his two children from a previous relationship, Bailee and Noah. She treats them as her own, and they have formed a close bond. She also loves dogs, and has three of them: a pit bull named Lola, a French bulldog named Louie, and a chihuahua named Lulu.

A Woman of Many Talents and Interests

Bunnie XO is a woman of many talents and interests. She is not only a model, a podcaster, a singer, and an actress, but also a writer, a producer, and an entrepreneur. She is the owner of Dumb Blonde Productions, a company that produces content for various platforms, such as YouTube, Spotify, and Patreon. She is also working on her own book, a memoir that will detail her life story and experiences.

She is also a fan of horror movies, comic books, video games, and anime. She loves to cosplay as her favorite characters, such as Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, and Sailor Moon. She also enjoys traveling, shopping, cooking, and spending time with her family and friends.


NameBunnie XO
PartnerJelly Roll
ChildrenBailee and Noah (stepchildren)
Education LevelHigh school dropout
Favorite FoodPizza
Net Worth$7 million
Favorite TV ShowThe Walking Dead
PetLola, Louie, and Lulu (dogs)

Bunnie XO is a remarkable woman who has overcome many obstacles and challenges in her life. She is a smart, successful, and married to a country star. She is also a dumb blonde who is actually not dumb at all. She is a woman who defies labels and expectations, and inspires others to do the same. She is Bunnie XO, and she is one of a kind.

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