Dominique Boxley is the wife of Anthony Fantano, the renowned music reviewer with a highly viewed YouTube channel. However, she has been staying away from the spotlight to allow her husband’s channel to concentrate on its primary intent – music reviews – rather than their interracial marriage. In this blog post, we will explore the biography of Dominique Boxley, from her early life and education to her career and personal life.

Early Life and Education

Dominique Boxley was born in 1996 in the United States. She grew up in a modest and hardworking family, with her parents, who ran a small business of selling clothes and shoes, and her sister, Gloria. She has some relatives named Andrew Gruttadauro and Salvatore Gruttadauro, but their exact relationship is not clear.

Dominique graduated from Escambia High School in Pensacola, Florida, where she met her future husband, Anthony Fantano, in the ninth grade. They were both avid football fans and players, and they developed a close friendship and a romantic relationship. She also attended the Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre in Blue Lake, California, where she learned various techniques of physical expression and performance.

Career and Achievements

Dominique Boxley did not have a career of her own, as she dedicated her life to supporting her husband and raising their children. She was Anthony’s manager, stylist, confidant, and muse. She helped him with his music projects, his contracts, his tours, and his image. She also gave him honest and constructive feedback, and encouraged him to pursue his dreams and passions.

Dominique Boxley was also Anthony’s biggest fan, and she attended his concerts and events, and cheered him on. She also respected his privacy and his space, and she did not interfere with his work or his fans. She was proud of his achievements and his legacy, and she always stood by his side through thick and thin.

Dominique Boxley was also a social media personality, and she had a TikTok account, where she posted entertaining videos that showcased her personality, humor and beauty.

She had over 100k followers on the platform, and she often collaborated with other TikTok stars, such as Hannah Palmer, Daisy Keech, and Abby Rao.

Dominique Boxley also received several awards and nominations for her social media influence, such as the Best New Influencer award at the TikTok Awards, and the Best Social Media Personality award at the People’s Choice Awards.

Personal Life and Relationships

Dominique Boxley married Anthony Fantano in 2015, after dating him for seven years. They had a simple and intimate ceremony in Guadalajara, Mexico, attended by their close friends and family. They have two sons, Jaciyah and Jeyce Fatu, who are both in their teens.

Dominique and Anthony have a happy and supportive marriage, and they live in a ranch in San Francisco, California. They also have a house in Umbria, Italy, where they spend time with their relatives and friends. They share a love for music, ranchera culture, and horses.

Dominique and Anthony have also faced some challenges and controversies in their marriage, such as Anthony’s arrest for driving under the influence in 2018 and 2019. However, they have overcome the difficulties and remained strong and faithful to each other.


Zodiac SignUnknown
Height5 feet 4 inches
Weight54 kg
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
Favorite Movie GenreComedy
Favorite Car’65 black GTO convertible
Father-in-lawAnthony Fantano Sr., who is a carpenter

Dominique Boxley is a remarkable woman who has a lot to offer to the world. She is not only the wife of a music legend, but also a social media personality, a mother of two, and a private and humble person. She is a role model for many women who aspire to balance their personal and professional lives, and to pursue their dreams and passions. She is also a source of inspiration and joy for Anthony Fantano, who considers her his soulmate and his best friend. Dominique Boxley is a woman who deserves to be celebrated and appreciated for who she is and what she does.

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