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Dreamybull Wiki, Wife, Kids, Height, Weight, Net Worth

Dreamybull Wiki, Wife, Kids, Height, Weight, Net Worth

In a world where fame can be achieved through various means, some individuals have managed to capture the public’s attention not for their talent, but for their bizarre and strange actions and one such individual is Perrell Laquarius Brown, an American pornstar who is popularly known as Dreamybullxxx and simply by Dreamybull. He is not pretty much known for his porn videos but for his viral masturbation videos and expressions which shows him at the moment of climax moaning expressions such as “Ambatukam!” which is just an informalized version of the exclamation, “I’m about to cum” and “ambasing!” which is a comical informal version of the expression, “I’m Bussing”. He usually expresses an O-face goofy expression whenever he is climaxing.

These viral moments of his explicit climax videos have been immortalized in the form of memes which have impacted the meme culture and is been used by multiple users across platforms such as Instagram, FaceBook, TikTok, YouTube among others.  He also recently sparked a viral sensation in 2022 for his niggatwerk and hoodthug nsfw memes. Who really is Dreamybullxxx? In this article, we will uncover the life of the viral sensation and throw light on his impact on the meme culture.

Dreamybull Wiki.

Perrell Laquarius Brown, better known as Dreamybull is an American porn star, onlyfans model & erotic performer and viral internet sensation who has spawned countless memes due to his videos. He was born in 1992 and hails from the state of North Carolina, although there is no specific information regarding his actual city or county. He is currently 31 years as of 2023. He gained massive notoriety and fame in 2022 following his erotic streaming videos which shows him jerking off and moaning and shouting expressions such as “Ambatukam” and “Ambasing” whilst ejaculating. He is also known for other works such as his niggatwerk and hoodthug nsfw memes. He has largely impacted meme culture across various streams of platforms such as Instagram, iFunny, TikTok, 4chan, Facebook. He is an African-American who is believed to be from a Christian household. He is known to have his presence on Twitter and YouTube where he sometimes dissects into some of his viral moments and videos.

Dreamybull’s Sexuality.

Due to his corny, bizzare videos and his powerscaling edits rivalry with Atlanta-based gay barber and onlyfans model, The Erotic Barber, he is often misconstrued as being gay but he is a straight man. According to his X (Formerly known as Twitter) profile, he is an advocate for straight men extreme anal play.

Dreamybull’s Wife & Kids.

Dreamybull is reportedly married with 2 children. He has not disclosed candid information regarding the identities of his wife and kids. His decision reflects his commitment to keep his wife and kids away from the public domain and also to dissociate them from his bizarre online presence. He feels his family, especially his kids might be bullied for his actions and as such, he has kept them away from the spotlight.

Parents & Siblings.

He has not revealed any information with regards to his parents or siblings. He has kept them away from the public domain, a decision which reflects his commitment to keep them away from the unnecessary public scrutiny.

Rivalry with The Erotic Barber.

There was a massive meme rivalry in 2022 and 2023 between Dreamybull and Atlanta gay barber and onlyfan model, The Erotic Barber, who is also known for his viral erotic moments which has been immortalized into memes. The meme war occurred primarily on TikTok and also on other platforms. It was a rivalry which was based on whose videos could generate most internet memes. The two were also involved in powerscaling edits of videos and memes.

Impact on the meme culture and community.

He has contributed a good amount of memes to the meme culture and communities from his videos two of which is popularly known as “Ambatukam!” which is just an informalized version of the exclamation, “I’m about to cum” and “ambasing!” which is a comical informal version of the expression, “I’m Bussing”. His videos were originally posted to Twitter but circulated to other platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, Instagram especially in the 2022 and 2023. His O-Face reaction memes have been featured in several selfies and family photos to make fan edits and fancams. His “ambasing!” video has been featured in countless memes such as the “Bus, Bus, Bus” memes which is used to show bus-related contents such as school buses, long buses, double-decker buses, city buses among others. His videos have also generated several TikTok and Snapchat sounds. He is considered by many as a legend in the meme community and his service to the meme culture is greatly adored.

Online Presence.

He joined Twitter on May 3, 2020 and started posting erotic contents from his pornography page but it didn’t pan out well so he launched his website where he started exclusive explicit content which gained him massive following on Twitter. Today, his social media presence is primarily on the Twitter platform but he is also a YouTube streamer who livestreams and sometimes dissects into and address some of his viral videos, one of which he did on July 26, 2023 when he addressed the topic of the memes being made about him.

Is Dreamybull on Instagram?

Dreamybull has not revealed or talked about his official Instagram account but there are still countless fan pages on Instagram parading as him and sharing his memes and videos. His social media presence is primarily on the Twitter platform and he has not revealed any information regarding his presence on other platforms.

Has Dreamybull been arrested for his videos before?

Dreamy was arrested in 2014 for larceny misdemeanor and theft when he attempted a mobile phone from a Rent-A-Center but left the store without completing the necessary paperworks. He has not been arrested for his explicit videos before although his videos have been condemned by some as they believe it will promote sexual immorality among children.

How much is Dreamybull worth?

The adult performer’s bizarre antics and videos have really paid off and according to reliable sources, Dreamybull boasts of an estimated $1 million as of 2023.

How tall is Dreamybull? Height & Weight.

The gracefulness is Dreamybull’s physique is highlighted by his stunning height of 6 feet tall and his body weight of 70 kilograms.


Full NamePerrell Laquarius Brown
Popularly kown asDreamybull, Dreamybullxxx
Date of Birth1992
Age31 years
Net Worth$1 million
Height6 feet tall
Weight70 kilograms

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