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Jessica Audrey Wallis: The Untold Story of Youtuber Steve Wallis’ Late Wife

Jessica Audrey Wallis: The Untold Story of Youtuber Steve Wallis’ Late Wife

When Canadian YouTuber Steve Wallis tragically announced the passing of his beloved wife Jessica Audrey Wallis in August 2022, over 1 million subscribed fans were shocked. Through tearful on-camera reflections, Steve poured his heart out about the woman who had quietly stood by his side for 5 years of marriage, believing in him when no one else did.

But who exactly was Jessica Audrey Wallis? Though she shunned the spotlight that her husband’s popular “Camping with Steve” channel brought, Jessica played an instrumental role in inspiring Steve’s unlikely journey from homelessness to online celebrity. This woman – with her musical talents, teaching career, and passion for helping others – altered Steve’s life path forever through her compassion and devotion.

However, her story is largely unknown. Jessica’s sudden death at only 38 years old left an informational void about her identity, background, and relationship with one of YouTube’s most prominent outdoors men. Through this post, the complex human being behind the touching on-screen tributes will be explored and honored. From her early life in Canada to her education and courtship with Steve, Jessica will be remembered as more than just a viral sensation’s wife. The full measure of this kind, gifted woman and her enduring legacy will be revealed.


Jessica Audrey Wallis was born on September 10, 1981 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to parents Brad Hatton and Sheila Boretski. Details about her childhood and upbringing remain scarce, as Jessica preferred to stay out of the spotlight.

What is known is that Jessica developed a deep passion for music from a young age. She attended Archbishop McDonald High School, where she likely first began cultivating her talents. Jessica pursued music at the post-secondary level, earning a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Alberta.

Seeking to further refine her skills, Jessica also obtained pedagogical training at the renowned Kodály Institute of Music in Kecskemét, Hungary. This intensive program allowed her to master the Kodály method, an influential approach to teaching musical concepts.

Armed with exceptional musical education, Jessica embarked on a career as an educator. She taught music for one year at Holy Spirit Catholic School, part of the Evergreen Catholic School Division in Devon, Alberta. Shaping young minds with her gifts brought Jessica much fulfillment.

Jessica later expanded her qualifications by pursuing an Education-After degree at Concordia University of Edmonton. This enabled her to take on broader teaching roles beyond just music. However, Jessica’s true passion remained in melodies and harmonies, where she unearthed joy.

Though only a small window into Jessica’s earlier life, her musical dedication and creative spirit shine through. Teaching music allowed this knowledgeable, caring soul to positively impact countless children.


Steve and Jessica’s paths first crossed under unlikely circumstances – when Steve was homeless and down on his luck. Though details are scarce, Jessica saw something special in Steve even in his lowest moments. She reached out to help him get back on his feet, providing support and encouragement when he felt hopeless.

Their friendship gradually blossomed into romance. United by compassion and artistic passions, the two fell in love. After years of dating, Steve and Jessica decided to make it official, tying the knot in an intimate ceremony on August 5th, 2017.

As husband and wife, Steve and Jessica were inseparable. Though they kept their relationship private, Jessica was always cheering Steve on as he built his YouTube channel “Camping with Steve.” Without her unwavering belief in him, Steve doubts he would have found the courage to pursue his unconventional camping creations and filmmaking full-time.

Behind the scenes, Jessica was the yin to Steve’s yang. While he was adventurous and outgoing on camera, Jessica preferred to stay out of the spotlight. But her quiet strength and musical talents made her an invaluable companion. Whether helping Steve edit videos or providing feedback on his content ideas, Jessica’s insights helped shape the channel.

On the rare occasion Jessica did appear on camera, it was clear she and Steve shared a special bond. In a 1 million subscriber milestone video, Steve referred to Jessica as his “Beautiful Wife” and gave her full credit for his hard-earned success story. By supporting each other through highs and lows, their marriage shone as a testament to unconditional love.

Tragically, Jessica passed away just two weeks after the couple celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary in 2022. Steve was absolutely devastated by the sudden loss – without Jessica’s irreplaceable love and companionship, life would never be the same again. Her memory would live on as Steve’s biggest inspiration both personally and professionally.


The night of August 20th, 2022 began like any other for Steve and Jessica Wallis. After an uneventful evening at home, the happily married couple retreated to bed with no indication of the tragedy soon to come.

In the early morning hours, the unthinkable happened – Jessica passed away unexpectedly in her sleep. She was just 38 years old.

When Steve awoke to find his beloved wife gone, he was absolutely devastated. The woman he shared his life with for the past 5 years, who had been his rock through his toughest times, was suddenly no longer by his side.

Although the exact cause of Jessica’s passing remains undisclosed, speculation points to an undiagnosed heart condition or brain aneurysm that claimed her life silently and swiftly as she rested. One moment she was asleep next to Steve, the next she had slipped away into the eternal slumber of death.

With a shattered heart, Steve announced the tragic news to his loyal YouTube subscribers in a tearful video uploaded on August 25th. As he fought back sobs, Steve described Jessica as his “Beautiful Wife” and the person who always brought joy and smiles to those around her. Her passing had left a “huge hole” in his world.

While taking time off to grieve, Steve encouraged fans to honor Jessica’s selfless spirit through donations to food banks and homeless shelters – causes she had regularly contributed to. Though no longer physically present, Jessica’s legacy of compassion and belief in others would live on through such charitable acts.

The sudden loss of his beloved partner left Steve stunned and struggling to make sense of a world without Jessica’s radiant light guiding his path. But he vowed to celebrate her life and the indelible mark she left, rather than mourning the tragic absense of the woman who changed his life’s trajectory forever. For Steve, the memory of his “Beautiful Wife” would endure in every creative endeavor and act of human kindness.


While Jessica Audrey Wallis kept out of the spotlight during her lifetime, her tragic passing put the focus on her immense influence, especially on husband Steve Wallis. As he continues to mourn her loss, Steve pays tribute to Jessica’s inspirational legacy.

Before meeting Jessica, Steve was homeless and directionless. But her compassion saw beyond his struggles to his creative potential. By supporting Steve’s passions, Jessica empowered him to build his YouTube channel into a full-time career success. Without her unwavering faith in him, Steve admits he may never have found this fulfilling path.

Jessica’s charitable spirit also left its mark. She regularly contributed care packages and donations to food banks and shelters supporting those in need. Steve was left awestruck by the outpouring of grief from complete strangers whose lives Jessica had quietly touched. Her selfless actions sparked ripples of goodwill that continue resonating today.

To honor his late wife’s memory, Steve uses his platform to promote the causes Jessica held dear. In her name, he encourages fans to give back through charitable initiatives assisting the homeless, just as Jessica gave to him in his hour of need. It is one of the many ways Steve keeps Jessica’s vibrant spirit thriving.

On a more personal level, losing Jessica so suddenly has left deep scars for Steve. The nights without her by his side and future they dreamed of together were painfully ripped away in an instant. While time helps heal wounds, Steve’s grief continues as he processes life without his soulmate.

Occasional social media posts reveal Steve’s profound heartbreak beneath his creator persona. But he bravely carries Jessica’s memory with him as he crisscrosses the country pursuing their shared passion for the outdoors. Through persistent love and living life to the fullest, Steve keeps Jessica’s radiant aura shining.

Though Jessica may be gone, the indelible mark she left on Steve – and the world – remains through spreading kindness, chasing dreams, and embracing the wild and wonderful. Her inspiring legacy continues touching lives, just as she did in life.


While Jessica Audrey Wallis’ devastatingly untimely passing left deep scars, her spirit continues illuminating the way for those she left behind. Through Steve’s grief, her legacy shines on as a beacon of compassion. Jessica’s belief in him ignited a once-homeless man’s dreams, while her quiet charity sparked ripples of goodwill that continue to spread. Though the nights may seem darker without her earthly presence, Jessica’s luminous aura carries on in the lives she touched and causes she championed. For Steve, the road ahead is marked by his beloved’s enduring light guiding him towards horizons they would have explored arm in arm. Jessica’s unforgettable essence will never fade, but rather glow on eternally as an inspiration to keep pursuing one’s passions without fear. Her story stands as a testament to the power of love and friendship to lift up lives and spark undying magic.

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