KIA Morning for Sale in Ghana, Price, Features, Review
KIA Morning for Sale in Ghana, Price, Features, Review

KIA Morning for Sale in Ghana, Price, Features, Review

May 17, 2021

Points: Kia Morning Ghana | Cars | Vehicle | For sale | Price | Used Car | New | Model | Year | Seller | Dealer | Use | Fuel || – If the city makes you feel young and vibrant, and you are ready to discover new areas, you have met a soul mate in the KIA morning. It may be tiny, but the inside is spacious, and it is full of big thoughts.


Truly reliable performance

Reliable, efficient and fun when you need them to be, the Picanto’s engines and transmissions offer you a boost of confidence as you drive through life.

Kappa 1.25 MPI Engine

The 84-ps, 1.25-liter dual-CVVT MPI engine with piston-cooling jets and coated piston rings is feisty and capable, yet also quiet and efficient.

Automatic transmission

The 4-speed automatic transmission offers quiet operation and shift points that are set to maximize smoothness even in stop-and-go city traffic.


MDPS with tilt steering wheel

Motor-driven power steering simplifies turning, while a tilt steering column lets you find the most comfortable driving position.

Rear view camera with dynamic guidelines

Using a waterproof rear camera and the 7-inch dash display, the rear view camera projects dynamic guidelines onto the image to recommend a path as the driver reverses.

2.6-inch mono-LCD

Get tire pressure alerts and other essential vehicle and trip information at a glance with the mono LCD located between the instrument dials.

Audio system

The optional five-speaker 3.0 audio system with RDS includes a monochrome TFT LCD screen. In addition to radio, it offers connectivity with portable devices through its AUX and USB inputs.

Auto temperature control

Enjoy one-touch comfort simply by setting your preferred temperature, and the automatic system will monitor and maintain it until you change or cancel it.

7”color touchscreen audio

A vivid 7″ color LCD screen is shared by the rear view camera and the audio system. The large screen makes it simple to select radio stations and operate other audio system controls with the touch of a finger.

Audio remote controls

Buttons mounted on the steering wheel let you adjust audio functions while your eyes stay on the road.

Bluetooth Handsfree

Built-in Bluetooth connects paired, compatible mobile devices seamlessly, giving you easy access to music streaming and hands-free calls.

Auto light control

Set the stalk ring to ‘Auto’ and the front and rear lights will turn on or off automatically depending on lighting conditions.

AUX and USB ports

Connect audio players and mobile devices via USB or mini-RCA cables for instant playback.

Alloy pedals

Racing-inspired alloy pedals add to the fun of driving. Raised rubber grips help ensure confident footwork.

ISO fix child seat anchor

The all-new Morning is equipped with the ISO Fix points to secure child car seats quickly and safely without using seat belts.

60:40 split folding rear seats

For maximum flexibility, the rear seatbacks split 60:40 and fold flat, allowing several combinations of people and cargo.

Dual-level luggage board

The cargo area floor board mounts flush with the folded seatbacks and conceals a space below to store items out of view.

Double tray

Located just below the temperature controls, the double tray provides a convenient space for sunglasses, smart phones or audio devices.

Glove box

With separate sections to keep all your favorite accessories organized, the glove box stores items out of sight yet easily within reach.

Front cup holder

At the front of the console, dual cup holders keep drinks secure and close at hand.

Center console armrest

The floor-mounted center console offers convenient storage and a place to rest your arm.

Smart key

The smart key remote lets you unlock or lock the doors without inserting the key, and you can start the car by simply pressing a button.


Advanced High-Strength Steel(AHSS) and Hot-Stamped Steel

The Morning uses more than 44% Advanced High Strength Steel(AHSS), resulting in phenomenal rigidity. And hot-stamping of components is employed in core stress areas. These measures greatly improve average body tensile strength, enhancing cabin protection and improving dynamic performance.

Braking system

The brakes are tuned to work with the ABS and tires to reduce stopping distance, while maximizing stopping power and directional control while braking.

PDW-R (Parking Distance Warning – Reverse)

You’re lucky to find a parking spot in the city, and PDW-R can help you back in with confidence. Using sensors, it beeps faster, then continuously, as you get closer to an obstruction.

Front / side / side curtain airbags

To help protect occupants and potentially reduce injuries in the event of a collision, the Morning offers driver and front passenger airbags, two front-side airbags and two side-curtain airbags.

HAC (Hill-start Assist Control)

At a standstill on an inline, HAC prevents you from rolling backward by gently applying the brakes, for up to two seconds, from the time you lift your foot from the brake pedal, giving you time to switch your foot smoothly to the accelerator.

ESC (Electronic Stability Control)

ESC ensures optimal braking performance and directional control by automatically delivering the right amount of braking force to each wheel based on engine torque and driving circumstances.

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