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Kim Kardashian’s Collection of Cars, Net Worth and Age

Kim Kardashian’s Collection of Cars, Net Worth and Age

Kimberly Noel Kardashian, who is more commonly recognized as Kim Kardashian, is a well-known figure in American media. She is also a socialite, model, businesswoman, and actress. She was born on October 21, 1980, in Los Angeles, California. She became known to the public as a friend and stylist of Paris Hilton. However, she gained even more attention when a sex tape with her ex-boyfriend, Ray J, was released in 2007.

Kim Kardashian wiki / bio

Early Life

Kim Kardashian was born to Robert and Kris Kardashian. Her father was a third-generation Armenian American and a well-known attorney, famous for defending O.J. Simpson during his murder trial. Kim has two sisters, Kourtney and Khloé, and a brother, Rob. After her parents divorced in 1991, her mother married Caitlyn Jenner (formerly Bruce Jenner), a 1976 Summer Olympics decathlon winner. Through their marriage, Kim Kardashian gained step-brothers Burton “Burt”, Brandon, and Brody; step-sister Casey; and half-sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

Kim Kardashian’s Age

Kim Kardashian was born on October 21, 1980, making her 43 years old as of 2023. Her zodiac sign is Libra.

Kim Kardashian’s Height

Kim Kardashian stands at approximately 5 feet 2 inches (157 cm) tall.

Rise to Fame

Kim Kardashian’s rise to fame began with the reality TV series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” which premiered in 2007 and became a huge hit. The show focused on the personal and professional lives of the Kardashian–Jenner blended family. Its success led to the creation of numerous spin-offs, including “Kourtney and Kim Take New York” and “Kourtney and Kim Take Miami.”

Business Ventures

Beyond her television career, Kardashian has built a significant presence in the business world. She has developed a variety of products tied to her name, including the mobile game “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood,” a variety of clothing and products, and the 2015 photo book “Selfish.” Her relationship with fashion is well-known, and she has been a frequent presence at major fashion shows.

Kardashian’s most notable business venture may be her cosmetics line, KKW Beauty, and her shapewear company, SKIMS, both of which have been highly successful.

Personal Life

Kim Kardashian’s personal life has been highly publicized. Her relationships, marriages, and divorces have been subject to intense media scrutiny. She was married to music producer Damon Thomas from 2000 to 2004, NBA player Kris Humphries in 2011 (with their marriage famously lasting only 72 days), and most notably to rapper Kanye West in 2014, with whom she has four children. Kardashian filed for divorce from West in 2021.

Kim Kardashian’s Net Worth

Kim Kardashian’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.4 billion. This considerable wealth is attributed to her successful career in reality television, various business ventures including KKW Beauty and SKIMS, and her numerous endorsements and investments.

Kim Kardashian’s First Car

Details about Kim Kardashian’s first car are not widely publicized. Given her affluent background, it’s likely that her first car was a luxury vehicle.

List of Cars Belonging to Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has been known to own a range of high-end vehicles. Some of these have included:


Lamborghini Urus

Her other cars

  • Rolls-Royce Ghost
  • Bentley Continental GTC
  • Ferrari 458 Italia
  • Range Rover
  • Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG

Kim Kardashian’s Favorite Car

Kim Kardashian has not publicly declared a specific favorite car. However, she has often been seen driving and customizing luxury vehicles like her Maybach and Urus, suggesting a preference for these types of cars.

Does Kim Kardashian Have a Private Jet?

Kim Kardashian is known to use a private jet, which fits with her busy life as a famous person. It is not clear if she owns the jet directly or prefers to charter it, but she often uses private aviation for ease, privacy, and comfort when she travels.
Kim Kardashian’s lifestyle, including her choice of luxury cars and the use of private jets, reflects her status as a successful businesswoman and media personality. Her personal tastes, particularly in vehicles, showcase her affinity for luxury and comfort.

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