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Leo Lulu Wiki, Age, Ethnicity, Family, Boyfriend, Car collection, Net Worth.

Leo Lulu Wiki, Age, Ethnicity, Family, Boyfriend, Car collection, Net Worth.

Leo Lulu has been making waves in the adult entertainment industry with her captivating performances, alluring beauty, and vibrant personality. As a rising star in the world of adult entertainment, Lulu has quickly gained a dedicated fan base and earned a reputation as one of the most talented, mysterious and versatile performers in the industry. Born on April 13, 1997, in Berlin, Germany to French parents, Leo Lulu is known for her “no-face” content creation, where she hides her face. Leo Lulu began her career in adult entertainment in 2016, since then, she has become a prominent figure in the industry, known for her natural charm, “no-face” content creation, infectious energy and genuine passion for her work. In this article, we will take a look at the life and rise to fame of Leo Lulu.

Leo Lulu Wiki

Leo Lulu is a French pornographic actress and adult model who was born on April 13, 1997 in Berlin, Germany but grew up and currently resides in Paris, France. She is known for her signature content creation where she does not reveal her face. Leo Lulu first made waves in 2016 when she embarked on her pornographic career at the age of 19. Over the years, she quickly rose to prominence in the adult film industry, and has appeared in numerous porn films. Her enchanting physique, charisma, undeniable screen presence and atmosphere of mysteriousness set her apart from her peers, earning her a reputation as one of the most sought-after talents in the industry. Due to her captivating and incredible performances, she boasts of five Pornhub awards.

In addition to her work in traditional adult entertainment, Lulu has also ventured into the world of OnlyFans, where she interacts with fans and shares exclusive content. This platform has allowed her to connect with her audience on a more personal level and has further expanded her reach.

Outside her professional endeavors, she enjoys outdoor activities such as skiing. She is an avid traveller who enjoys travelling as her hobby and such, has been to countries such as Greece.

Leo Lulu’s age

Leo Lulu was born on April 13, 1997 and is currently 26 years old as of 2023. She is an Aries and as a true embodiment of her birth sign, she is energetic, charismatic and lively.

Leo Lulu’s ethnicity

Leo Lulu is a French woman who bears Caucasian ethnicity and descent, which is quite evident in her body features.

Leo Lulu’s sexuality

Leo Lulu is interested in both males and females and as such, she identifies as a bisexual woman.

Parents & Siblings

She has not provided information with regards to her parents and siblings. Whilst she has always been open with regards to her professional life, she has kept her family life completely off-limits and unknown.

Leo Lulu’s boyfriend

Leo Lulu is very discreet and mysterious when it comes to her personal and private matters and as such, she has not made any information regarding her love life privy to the public. She sometimes shares pictures of her intimate moments with a certain guy but the name and identity of the guy is unknown due to the fact that all of the pictures are “no face” pictures.

How tall is Leo Lulu? Height & Weight

Leo Lulu stands at an average height of 5 feet 7 inches (170 centimeters) tall and has a body weight of 52 kilograms (115 pounds). She maintains a healthy and active lifestyle routine by visiting the gym which contributes to her having an athletic body type.

Physical Features

Leo Lulu is a beautiful woman whose beauty is highlighted by her luscious blonde hair and her mesmerizing brown eyes. She embraces alternative form of self-expression and as such, she has pierced her nipples.

Body measurements

She is a voluptuous and hot woman, whose stature is both sophisticated and captivating and as such, she has an amazing body figure which is highlighted by 34-24-35 body dimensions.

Bra size

Leo Lulu has average-sized breasts which covers with a size 28B bra.

Are Leo Lulu’s breasts real?

Yes, Leo Lulu has not undergone any surgical breast implants and as such, she possesses a natural set of breasts, which are real and not enhanced.

Leo Lulu’s Instagram

Leo Lulu is active on Instagram where she holds the account “leoluluofficial”. Due to her provocative and eye-catching photos, she has amassed a massive following of 503K followers.

Is Leo Lulu on OnlyFans?

Yes, Leo Lulu is active on OnlyFans with the account name “leolulu” where she interacts and shares her exclusive contents with her subscribers. She charges a monthly subscription fee of $4.20 per month for subscribers to access her exclusive contents. She also has other viable payment access options which include $64.50 for 6 months and $107 for 12 months.

Why does Leo Lulu hide her face in her videos?

It is unclear as to why Lulu hides her face in her face in her videos. However, this is a practice that is quite common in the adult entertainment industry and she is just among the few who follow this practice.

Leo Lulu’s net worth

According to trusted sources, Leo Lulu has amassed an impressive net worth of $1.1 million over the course of her career, a testament to her hard work, dedication and unwavering determination.

Leo Lulu’s cars

She is a successful woman who has a number of cars in her possession. Due to her mysterious and secretive nature, she has not unveiled the number, model and pictures of the automobiles she owns to the public. We will be quick to update you as soon as she unveils her vehicles.


Full NameLeo Lulu
ProfessionAdult model, porn actress
Date of BirthApril 13, 1997
Age26 years
Zodiac signAries
HometownParis, France
Net Worth$1.1 million
Height5 feet 7 inches
Weight52 kilograms

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