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Meet Beth Daboll, the woman behind the Giants’ new head coach

Meet Beth Daboll, the woman behind the Giants’ new head coach

Brian Daboll is the new head coach of the New York Giants, and he has a lot of expectations to live up to. He is known for his offensive genius, his fiery passion, and his ability to develop young quarterbacks. But who is the woman who supports him through the highs and lows of his coaching career? Who is the one who keeps their family of eight together and happy? Who is Beth Daboll?A nurse with a heart of goldBeth Daboll was born on February 20, 1978, in Lancaster, New York. She grew up in a quiet and peaceful town, where she developed a love for helping others. She decided to pursue a career in nursing, and graduated from the University of Buffalo with a degree in nursing. She worked as a nurse for several years, caring for patients with compassion and professionalism.A chance encounter at a barBeth met Brian in 2006, when they were both working in New York. Brian was an assistant coach with the New York Jets, and Beth was a nurse at a local hospital. They bumped into each other at a bar, where Brian was celebrating his 30th birthday with some friends. Beth was out with some girlfriends, on their way to see a local band. They were instantly attracted to each other, and started a conversation. They exchanged phone numbers, and soon began dating.A blended family of six childrenBeth and Brian had a lot in common, especially their family backgrounds. They both had been married before, and had two children each from their previous marriages. They both had gone through divorces, and had vowed to never get married again. But fate had other plans for them. They fell in love, and decided to give marriage another chance. They tied the knot in 2009, in a small and intimate ceremony. They also adopted each other’s children, and became a blended family of six. They later had two more children together, making their family even bigger and happier.A supportive and loving partnerBeth has been Brian’s biggest fan and supporter throughout his coaching career. She has followed him to different teams and cities, always adapting to new environments and challenges. She has also been his confidant and advisor, always listening to his ideas and giving him honest feedback. She has been his source of strength and motivation, always cheering him up and encouraging him to pursue his dreams. She has also been his best friend and soulmate, always sharing his joys and sorrows, and making him laugh and smile.A trivia section

NameBeth Daboll
PartnerBrian Daboll
ChildrenMark, Christian, Aiden, Haven, Avery, and Luke
EducationBachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Buffalo
HobbiesSwimming, reading, and watching movies
Favorite foodPizza
Favorite movieThe Notebook
Favorite bandU2

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