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Meet Mrs. Wiggins: Getting to know Andrew Wiggins’ long-time love

Meet Mrs. Wiggins: Getting to know Andrew Wiggins’ long-time love

Behind every great NBA star is an equally great partner—just ask Andrew Wiggins. The high-flying Golden State Warriors forward has been lighting up scoreboards for years, dazzling fans with his athleticism and silky-smooth jumper. But supporting him every step of the way on his path to stardom is Mychal Johnson, his longtime girlfriend and mother of his two daughters.

Mychal is no stranger to success on the hardwood herself. As a college standout, she helped lead Notre Dame’s women’s basketball team to a national championship in 2018. But these days, she’s focused on a different court—managing life as a basketball mom to two adorable girls while cheering on her superstar partner Andrew.

Their love story began years ago, during simpler times as teenagers at Huntington Prep. Little did Mychal and Andrew know then that their young romance would still be going strong years later at the highest level of the sport they both excelled at. As the years have gone by, their connection has only grown deeper through both professional triumphs and personal joy.

So just who is the woman behind this NBA sensation? What is family life like for Andrew, Mychal and their daughters? And what does the future hold for this sweetheart couple who beat the odds to make their love last? Let’s take a deeper look at the inspiring woman who captured Andrew Wiggins’ heart all those years ago.


Though they are not yet married, Mychal Johnson has been by Andrew Wiggins’ side since their teenage years and is considered his wife.

These high school sweethearts first met while attending Huntington Prep Academy in West Virginia. Both talented athletes, Mychal and Andrew, immediately hit it off. Little did they know then that they were laying the foundation for a lifetime partnership.

After graduation, their paths diverged: Andrew went straight to the NBA as the #1 draft pick, while Mychal headed to Notre Dame on a basketball scholarship. But the distance didn’t deter their young romance. They stayed committed through it all, supporting each other as they pursued their hoop dreams. 

In 2018, Mychal reached the pinnacle of collegiate success, helping Notre Dame defeat Mississippi State in the NCAA championship game. Her brilliance on the court matched Andrew’s own rise to stardom in the pros. During this time, their bond grew deeper and stronger, despite their hectic schedules.

After college, Mychal played professionally in Europe for a few years before retiring from basketball. She was ready to start the next chapter with Andrew—a family of their own. In 2019, they welcomed their first daughter, Amyah, followed by Alayah in 2021.

For nearly a decade, Mychal has been Andrew’s biggest cheerleader, celebrating his triumphs and providing a comforting presence through adversity. She is the yin to his yang, bringing balance and joy to his life. Mychal is Andrew’s soulmate, the mother of his children, and fully deserving of the title of wife.


As the wife of an NBA superstar, Mychal Johnson knows all about the craziness of life on the road. With 82 regular season games plus playoffs, Andrew is away from home for huge chunks of time. This is far from easy for Mychal as she juggles their daughters and her own career.

When the Warriors are playing away games, Mychal frequently travels to be there in person to support Andrew. She loves bringing their girls to cheer on dad from the family section at NBA arenas. Amyah and Alayah light up seeing Andrew on the court.

The frequent travel can be tiring, but Mychal wouldn’t trade these experiences for anything. She enjoys exploring new cities with the kids during downtime on road trips. Of course, the highlights are when Andrew gets a few hours to take the family out and be a tourist.

When Mychal and the girls can’t make it to away games, technology keeps them connected. Andrew checks in constantly through video calls and texts. He mails souvenirs from each city to his daughters. Still, it’s hard to have Daddy away so much.

At times, Mychal does get overwhelmed juggling parenting alone. But she has adapted by finding help when needed. Her parents often visit to give an extra set of hands. And Andrew is just a phone call away, always willing to listen and provide support from afar.

Of course, road life has its perks too! VIP access to NBA arenas, rubbing shoulders with other players’ families, enjoying five-star team accommodations—it all comes with being an NBA wife. Mychal wouldn’t trade it for anything, embracing all the adventure along the way.


Andrew Wiggins and Mychal Johnson have been together for nearly a decade since meeting in high school. Though not officially married, they have been life partners since 2014 and have two daughters together – three-year-old Amyah and one-year-old Alayah.

In interviews over the years, Mychal has expressed nothing but love and admiration for Andrew. She’s been his biggest supporter from day one, from his rookie season after being drafted to his first All-Star selection. Mychal always believed Andrew could reach his full potential.

As parents, Mychal and Andrew have created a happy home and try to give their girls a normal childhood despite Andrew’s fame. They keep their family life private, wanting their daughters to grow up grounded.

According to Mychal, it hasn’t always been easy balancing an NBA lifestyle. But staying committed to communication and trusting their bond has kept their relationship strong. Nearly ten years later, they remain each other’s biggest fans.


Though dedicating herself to motherhood, Mychal still makes time for her own passions. She is active in several charities that support girls in sports and provide access to athletic opportunities.

Given her basketball background, Mychal also does some coaching work with young players. She hopes to inspire the next generation of female athletes to work hard and dream big – just as she did. Mychal makes sure to stay fit and train, given her lifelong dedication to sports and fitness. She often posts workout videos and motivation for new moms getting back into shape after having kids. When she can, Mychal indulges her creative side through fashion, photography, and interior decorating. Even as the wife of an NBA star, she is determined to have her own identity.


Though an NBA star, Andrew Wiggins enjoys the family life like any dad. When not on the road for games, he spends most of his time with Mychal and their two daughters, Amyah and Alayah, in the Bay Area.

Andrew takes fatherhood very seriously – he is hands-on with the kids, playing games, taking them to the park, helping with homework, and putting them to bed. His daughters are always cheering on daddy from the stands during Warriors games. 

The Wiggins family leads a relatively low-key lifestyle. They value privacy and normalcy, keeping their daughters out of the intense public spotlight. Of course, fun outings like Disney trips are a must with two young kids!

Still, Andrew and Mychal make sure to keep their relationship strong. Once the girls are asleep, they prioritize quality time together – whether enjoying movies, cooking dinner, or stealing some rare one-on-one time.

It’s inevitable that Andrew’s schedule ramps up around the playoffs every year. But the family always reunites once the season ends. Summer brings beach trips, pool days, and special bonding moments before training camp begins anew.

Of course, no family is perfect. Andrew and Mychal navigate challenges just like any parents – tantrums, sleepless nights, balancing jobs and childcare. But their commitment to each other and daughters remains rock solid.

At the end of the day, the Wiggins clan is just like any other family – filled with laughter, joy and unconditional love. Andrew wouldn’t have it any other way.


Andrew Wiggins and Mychal Johnson are excited about what the future holds, both as a couple and as parents. Though Andrew’s NBA career remains busy, he hopes to keep evolving as a family man. Mychal looks forward to their daughters getting older and embarking on new adventures together.As a couple, Andrew and Mychal want to continue nurturing their bond through open communication and regular quality time together. Though wedding bells may ring someday, they are content with the committed partnership they’ve built.

Professionally, Mychal plans to keep pursuing her passions, with Andrew’s full support. He will cheer her on as she grows her brand and charitable endeavors. They aim to strike a balance where both can thrive in their individual goals while being present as parents.

For Andrew, more championship runs with the Warriors remain a priority. Mychal dreams of opening a wellness center for women one day. No matter what comes their way, this couple tackles life as a unified team.

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