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Mona Muresan: A Fitness and Business Powerhouse

Mona Muresan: A Fitness and Business Powerhouse

Mona Muresan is a Romanian-American fitness instructor, entrepreneur, and figure competitor. She is the wife of Mike O’Hearn, a famous bodybuilder, actor, and model. She is also the owner of Nebraska Steakhouse, a restaurant in Manhattan. In this blog post, we will learn more about Mona Muresan, her background, her achievements, and her lifestyle.

Early Life and Education

Mona Muresan was born on October 4, 1975, in Romania. She grew up in a poor family, and faced many challenges and hardships. She moved to America with her family in 1992, when she was 16 years old. She did not speak any English, and had to learn the language from watching TV and talking to friends. She attended high school in New York, and then enrolled in Seton Hall University, where she majored in mass communications. However, she dropped out after two years, as she wanted to pursue her career and passion.

Career and Entrepreneurship

Mona Muresan started working in the hospitality industry at the age of 17, when she got a job as a bartender in a club in Queens. She worked hard and learned the ropes of the business, and eventually bought the restaurant she was working at in Manhattan, called Nebraska Steakhouse. She still runs the restaurant today, and has made it a successful and popular spot for steak lovers.

Mona Muresan also developed an interest in fitness and bodybuilding, and started working out in the gym. She was inspired by the fitness models and competitors she saw in magazines and online, and decided to become one of them. She hired a coach and a nutritionist, and trained hard to sculpt her physique. She competed in several fitness and figure competitions, and earned her IFBB Pro Card in 2010. She also appeared on the covers of several fitness magazines, such as Muscle & Fitness Hers and Oxygen.

Personal Life and Family

Mona Muresan met Mike O’Hearn, a bodybuilder, actor, and model, in 2009, at a fitness expo. They hit it off and started dating. They got married in 2013, in a beautiful ceremony in Hawaii. They have a son, named Titan, who was born in 2019. They live in Los Angeles, California, where they have a mansion and a gym.

Mona Muresan and Mike O’Hearn are both very dedicated to their fitness and health, and they support each other in their goals and endeavors. They work out together, eat healthy, and motivate each other. They also share their lifestyle and tips with their fans and followers on social media, where they have millions of admirers.

Hobbies and Interests

Mona Muresan has many hobbies and interests, besides fitness and business. She loves to travel, and has visited many countries, such as France, Italy, Japan, and Australia. She also enjoys reading, and is a fan of The Secret and Think and Grow Rich. She likes to listen to music, and is a fan of Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Drake. She also likes to watch movies, and is a fan of The Notebook, Titanic, and The Avengers.

Mona Muresan is also a philanthropist, who supports various causes and charities. She is an advocate for women’s empowerment, and has donated to organizations such as Dress for Success and Girls Inc. She is also an advocate for children’s education, and has donated to organizations such as Save the Children and UNICEF. She often uses her social media platforms to raise awareness and funds for these and other organizations.


Here are some fun facts about Mona Muresan:

NameMona Muresan
PartnerMike O’Hearn
EducationSeton Hall University (dropped out)
Zodiac SignLibra
Favorite ColorRed
Favorite FoodSteak
Favorite MovieThe Notebook
Favorite BookThe Secret
Favorite HobbyTraveling

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