New and used Audi A4 price in Ghana

New and used Audi A4 price in Ghana

The Audi A4 is a line of compact executive cars produced by the German automobile manufacturer Audi, a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group. Introduced in 1994, the A4 has become one of Audi’s most enduring and popular models, known for its blend of luxury, performance, and technology.

Below are the prices of Audi A4 in Ghana

Model YearPrice in Cedis Ghana (GHC)
Audi A4 200745,000
Audi A4 2008 – 200960,000
Audi A4 2010 – 201190,000
Audi A4 2012 – 2013180,000
Audi A4 2016 – 2017375,000
Audi A4 2018 – 2019450,000


  • First Generation (B5; 1994-2001): The Audi A4 B5 was introduced in 1994 as a successor to the Audi 80. Its design was a departure from its predecessor, with a more aerodynamic and contemporary appearance. It was initially available in sedan and wagon (Avant) body styles.
  • Second Generation (B6; 2000-2006): Unveiled in 2000, the B6 featured an entirely new design with a more rounded appearance and a higher quality interior. This generation also saw the introduction of the high-performance S4 and RS4 models.
  • Third Generation (B7; 2004-2008): The B7 was more of a comprehensive refresh of the B6 than an entirely new generation. It included significant exterior updates, improved engine options, and advancements in technology.
  • Fourth Generation (B8; 2008-2016): Launched in 2008, the B8 represented a significant redesign, introducing Audi’s new “MLP” platform. This generation featured a more aggressive exterior design, a higher quality interior, and a range of updated engines.
  • Fifth Generation (B9; 2016-present): The B9, introduced in 2016, continued to evolve the A4’s design language with a sharper and more modern look, an updated interior, and the latest in Audi’s technology and driver assistance systems.


  • The A4’s design has consistently emphasized a clean, modern aesthetic with a focus on quality and craftsmanship. Each generation has built upon the last, maintaining a recognizable Audi identity while adapting to contemporary design trends.
  • The interior of the A4 has been characterized by high-quality materials, a driver-focused layout, and, in later generations, a move towards digital displays and interfaces.


  • The A4 has been available with a range of engine options, including four-cylinder and V6 engines, with both gasoline and diesel variants. Turbocharging and direct injection technologies have been standard in recent generations, improving performance and efficiency.
  • Transmission options have included manual, automatic, and Audi’s S tronic dual-clutch transmissions. Audi’s quattro all-wheel-drive system has been a popular feature, although front-wheel-drive models have also been available.
  • Advanced features in recent models include Audi’s MMI infotainment system, Virtual Cockpit digital instrument cluster, and a suite of driver-assistance technologies.

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