New and used Audi Q7 price in Ghana

New and used Audi Q7 price in Ghana

The Audi Q7 is a luxurious and spacious crossover SUV made by the German automaker Audi. Audi introduced its first SUV model in 2005, making its debut in the expanding market for luxury sport utility vehicles. The Q7 shares its platform, known as the PL71, with the Porsche Cayenne and the Volkswagen Touareg, all of which are part of the Volkswagen Group.

Below are the prices of Audi Q7 in Ghana

Model YearPrice in Cedis Ghana (GHC)
Audi Q7 2010140,000
Audi Q7 2012300,000
Audi Q7 2016480,000
Audi Q7 2017 – 2018500,000
Audi Q7 2019 – 2020750,000
Audi Q7 2021 – 2022900,000


  • First Generation (Typ 4L; 2005–2015): The Audi Q7 was introduced in September 2005 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. It was developed primarily for on-road use, with a focus on performance, luxury, and usability rather than off-road capability.
  • Second Generation (Typ 4M; 2015–present): The second-generation Q7 was unveiled in January 2015. It featured a more modern design, significant weight reductions, and improved efficiency, along with a host of new technology and safety features.


  • First Generation (Typ 4L): The first-generation Q7 was characterized by its large, imposing size, with a bold front grille and a relatively boxy shape. It combined the ruggedness of an SUV with the elegance expected from an Audi. The interior was spacious and luxurious, offering three rows of seating and premium materials and finishes.
  • Second Generation (Typ 4M): The second-gen Q7 showcased a more refined and contemporary design. It adopted Audi’s then-current design language, featuring a more prominent grille, sleeker lines, and a more aerodynamic shape. The interior saw a significant overhaul with a cleaner, more modern layout, enhanced technology, and high-quality materials.


  • Engines: The Q7 has been offered with various engine options, including V6 and V8 engines, both in petrol and diesel variants. The second-generation Q7 also introduced a plug-in hybrid version (the Q7 e-tron).
  • Transmission: Typically equipped with an 8-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission, providing smooth and responsive shifting.
  • Performance and Technology: Audi’s Quattro all-wheel-drive system is standard, enhancing the vehicle’s stability and traction. The Q7 is also known for its advanced infotainment systems, driver-assist features, and luxurious interior amenities.

Available Models and Their Released Dates

  • First Generation, Typ 4L: Introduced in 2005 and was in production until 2015. It received a facelift in 2009, which updated its styling and technology features.
  • Second Generation, Typ 4M: Launched in 2015 and continues to be in production. The latest models feature mild-hybrid technology and a range of advanced driver-assist systems.
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