New and used BMW 328i price in Ghana

New and used BMW 328i price in Ghana

The BMW 328i is part of the BMW 3 series, which is a range of compact executive cars manufactured by BMW since May 1975. The “328i” designation has historically stood for a model within the 3 series lineup that features a specific engine type and tuning, usually indicating a 2.8-liter engine, though, in recent iterations, the actual engine displacement can vary. The 328i has long been popular for its blend of luxury, performance, and practicality.

Model YearPrice in Cedis Ghana (GHC)
BMW 328i 201198,000
BMW 328i 2012 – 2013192,000
BMW 328i 2014 – 2015225,000
BMW 328i 2016275,000
BMW 328i 2017270,000


  • E36 328i (1994-1999): The E36 platform saw the introduction of the 328i in 1994. It replaced the 325i and was BMW’s step forward in both luxury and performance. The 328i offered improved handling, a new design, and increased power.
  • E46 328i (1998-2000): The E46 328i, available from 1998 to 2000, continued the trend of luxury and performance, featuring a more powerful engine, refined suspension, and a wealth of new tech. This model was known for its improved stability and comfort.
  • E90/E91/E92/E93 328i (2006-2013): The 328i during the E90 through E93 generation became more sophisticated, offering even more engine power, advanced technology, and a higher quality interior. It maintained BMW’s dedication to driving performance while significantly upgrading the luxury aspect.
  • F30 328i (2011-2019): The F30 marked a significant change for the 328i – it transitioned to a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, despite retaining the “328i” moniker. The new engine improved fuel efficiency while maintaining performance.
  • G20 330i (2019-present): While the “328i” designation was discontinued after the F30, its spirit lives on in the 330i, which features similar displacement and characteristics in the latest G20 generation.

1. Design:

Throughout its history, the 328i has exemplified BMW’s evolving design language, each generation becoming more dynamic and aggressive. The interior consistently focuses on driver engagement while elevating materials and finishes to enhance the luxury feel.

2. Specifications:

Specifications have evolved significantly, with the most recent 328i (F30) featuring a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine producing 240 horsepower. Earlier models featured six-cylinder engines with various performance enhancements. Transmission options have typically included both manual and automatic variants, with rear-wheel drive standard and all-wheel drive (“xDrive” in BMW parlance) as an option.

3. Available models and their released dates:

  • E36 328i: 1994 – 1999
  • E46 328i: 1998 – 2000
  • E90/E91/E92/E93 328i: 2006 – 2013
  • F30 328i: 2011 – 2019

The “328i” designation has been retired as of the latest 3 Series generation, with equivalent models now bearing the “330i” name. However, the 328i remains a popular and influential model in the history of the BMW 3 Series, known for balancing performance, luxury, and accessibility.

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