New and used BMW X3 price in Ghana

New and used BMW X3 price in Ghana

The BMW X3, a pioneer in the luxury compact SUV market, is part of BMW’s X series. Introduced in the early 2000s, it created a segment that combined the utility of an SUV with the quality and driving experience BMW is known for.

Model YearPrice in Cedis Ghana (GHC)
BMW X3 2011260,000
BMW X3 2012 – 2013235,000
BMW X3 2014160,000
BMW X3 2016188,000
BMW X3 2020530,000
BMW X3 2021650,000
BMW X3 2023815,000


  • First Generation (E83; 2004–2010): BMW unveiled the X3 at the Detroit Auto Show in 2003, with the production model hitting the markets in 2004. The E83 was smaller than its big brother, the X5, but it maintained a sporty design and was built with the agility and performance of a BMW sedan. It shared the platform with the BMW 3 Series and was initially manufactured in Austria by Magna Steyr.
  • Second Generation (F25; 2010–2017): The F25 marked a departure from the first generation, offering a more refined ride, greater interior space, and updated technology. It was unveiled at the 2010 Paris Auto Show, showcasing a new design language that was sleeker and more modern.
  • Third Generation (G01; 2017-present): Launched in 2017, the G01 further refined the X3’s design, technology, and performance. With high-quality materials, new technology features, and a range of powertrains, including an efficient plug-in hybrid, the third generation consolidated the X3’s position in the luxury SUV market.

1. Design:

  • E83: This original model featured a rugged, athletic stance, with a design consistent with the BMW family face at the time. It had a spacious interior but with a firmer ride typical of sportier vehicles.
  • F25: This generation saw a sleeker exterior design with smoother lines, a more luxurious interior with higher quality materials, and technological advancements in the infotainment system.
  • G01: The latest generation brought an even more sophisticated design, larger front grille, LED lighting, and a more luxurious, tech-friendly interior with features like a digital instrument cluster and larger infotainment screen.

2. Specifications:

Over the generations, the X3 has been offered with a range of inline-4, inline-6, diesel, and, more recently, hybrid powertrains. Performance has evolved from adequate to sporty and dynamic, with the latest models featuring BMW’s xDrive all-wheel-drive system, a range of powerful yet efficient engines, and advanced safety and comfort features.

3. Available models and their released dates:

  • First Generation, E83: 2004–2010
  • Second Generation, F25: 2010–2017
  • Third Generation, G01: 2017-present

The X3 has been a strong performer in BMW’s lineup and continues to be a popular choice for customers seeking a combination of luxury, performance, and utility in an SUV form factor.

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