New and used Jeep Cherokee price in Ghana

New and used Jeep Cherokee price in Ghana

The Jeep Cherokee is a series of SUVs that have been manufactured since 1974. Over time, it has changed a lot in terms of its design and what it can do. It started as a big SUV, then became one of the first small SUVs, and now it’s a crossover SUV in its most recent versions.

Below are the price of Jeep Cherokee

Jeep Cherokee yearPrice
Jeep Cherokee 2014 – 2015150,000 Cedis
Jeep Cherokee 2016 – 2017200,000 Cedis
Jeep Cherokee 2018320,000 Cedis
Jeep Cherokee 2019 -2020450,000 Cedis
Jeep Cherokee 2021600,000 Cedis
Jeep Cherokee 2020700,000 Cedis


  • First Generation (SJ; 1974–1983): Originally, the Cherokee was a rebadged variant of the Jeep Wagoneer, introduced as a two-door version. It was a full-size SUV, designed to be more of a sporty off-road vehicle.
  • Second Generation (XJ; 1984–2001): The XJ model revolutionized the 4×4 market as one of the first compact SUVs. It was significantly smaller than the SJ and introduced unibody construction, which was a rarity among SUVs at the time.
  • Third Generation (KJ; 2002–2007): Known as the Jeep Liberty in North America, the KJ was a complete overhaul from the XJ. It featured a more modern, rounded design and was the first Jeep to use rack and pinion steering.
  • Fourth Generation (KK; 2008–2013): The KK continued as the Liberty in the North American market and marked a return to a boxier, more traditional Jeep look, though still a departure from the earlier XJ style.
  • Fifth Generation (KL; 2014–present): The latest generation marked a significant shift as it transitioned into a crossover SUV. It’s larger than the previous generation and features a modern, aerodynamic design.


  • First Generation (SJ): Featured a traditional, rugged SUV design with a boxy shape, round headlights, and classic Jeep styling.
  • Second Generation (XJ): Known for its boxy, utilitarian design, the XJ Cherokee was smaller and more streamlined than its predecessor.
  • Third Generation (KJ): The KJ introduced a more contemporary look with rounded edges and a modern aesthetic.
  • Fourth Generation (KK): Returned to a boxier, more classic Jeep design compared to the KJ.
  • Fifth Generation (KL): The current model is a departure from the traditional Jeep design, featuring sleek and modern styling, with a focus on aerodynamics and on-road performance.


The Cherokee has been offered with a range of engine options over its generations, from inline-six engines in earlier models to four-cylinder and V6 options in later models.

Transmission options have evolved from 3-speed automatics and 4-speed manuals to modern 9-speed automatic transmissions.

The current generation offers front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive options, with various four-wheel drive systems available depending on the model.

Available Models and Their Released Dates

  • First Generation (SJ): 1974–1983
  • Second Generation (XJ): 1984–2001, a landmark model that popularized the compact SUV segment.
  • Third Generation (KJ): 2002–2007, known as the Jeep Liberty in North America.
  • Fourth Generation (KK): 2008–2013, also sold as the Liberty in North America.
  • Fifth Generation (KL): 2014–present, representing the latest evolution of the Cherokee into a crossover SUV.

The Jeep Cherokee has been a key model in the evolution of the SUV, influencing the shift from rugged off-road vehicles to more versatile, family-friendly crossovers. It remains a popular choice for its blend of off-road capability, comfort, and modern technology.

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