New and used Nissan Sentra price in Ghana

New and used Nissan Sentra price in Ghana

The Nissan Sentra has been a mainstay in Nissan’s portfolio ever since it was first presented to the public in the year 1982. The Nissan Sentra has gone through a number of iterations since it was first introduced in the United States as a straight replacement for the Datsun 210. These iterations reflect the shifting demands of the market as well as the most recent design trends.

Below is the price of Nissan Sentra in Ghana

Nissan Sentra 2005 – 200930,000 cedis
Nissan Sentra 2010 – 201245,000 cedis
Nissan Sentra 201380,000 cedis
Nissan Sentra 2014100,000 cedis
Nissan Sentra 2015120,000 cedis
Nissan Sentra 2016 – 2017150,000 cedis
Nissan Sentra 2018 – 2019170,000 cedis
Nissan Sentra 2020190,000 cedis


First Generation (B11, 1982-1986)

Compact and boxy, the design echoed the utilitarian and straightforward lines of the early 1980s. Available in sedan, coupe, and station wagon configurations.

Second Generation (B12, 1986-1990)

Maintaining the compact size, it introduced slightly more rounded corners and a softer design. This generation also introduced the sporty SE-R variant.

Third Generation (B13, 1990-1994)

Recognized for its durability, the B13 retained the compact size and boxy aesthetic. In some markets, this generation is still sold and revered for its reliability.

Fourth Generation (B14, 1995-1999)

Adopted more contemporary styling with more rounded edges and a curvier appearance. The sporty SE-R variant continued its presence.

Fifth Generation (B15, 2000-2006)

Further refined and modernized, this generation boasted a sleeker profile while still maintaining compact sedan dimensions.

Sixth Generation (B16, 2007-2012)

The Sentra grew in size, transitioning solidly into the mid-size sedan segment. The design was more upscale, with a pronounced grille and angular headlights.

Seventh Generation (B17, 2013-2019)

Maintaining its larger size, the design evolved to align with Nissan’s global design language, including the V-motion grille.

Eighth Generation (B18, 2020-present as of my last update)

Represents a significant redesign, drawing inspiration from the larger Nissan Maxima and Altima, with a low, wide stance and sleek profile.


First and Second Generations

Offered small-displacement four-cylinder engines, with both carbureted and fuel-injected options over the years.

Third and Fourth Generations

Engines grew in size and power, with options like the 2.0L SR20DE in the SE-R model.

Fifth to Eighth Generations

Engine options typically ranged from 1.8L to 2.5L four-cylinder engines. The newer models incorporated continuously variable transmissions (CVT) for improved efficiency.

Available Models and Their Released Dates

  1. First Generation (B11): Launched in 1982
  2. Second Generation (B12): Introduced in 1986
  3. Third Generation (B13): Debuted in 1990
  4. Fourth Generation (B14): Released in 1995
  5. Fifth Generation (B15): Unveiled in 2000
  6. Sixth Generation (B16): Presented in 2007
  7. Seventh Generation (B17): Rolled out in 2013
  8. Eighth Generation (B18): Launched in 2020

Throughout its life, the Sentra has been available in various trim levels, including base models, luxury-focused trims (such as SL), and sporty versions (notably the SE-R). The exact trim names and specifications have evolved over time and can vary depending on the market.

The Nissan Sentra’s enduring appeal is rooted in its consistent value proposition, offering reliability, efficiency, and evolving features catering to a broad spectrum of consumers.

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