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Noel J. Mickelson: The Artist and Equestrian Who Married a Hollywood Star

Noel J. Mickelson: The Artist and Equestrian Who Married a Hollywood Star

Noel J. Mickelson was an American artist and equestrian who became famous as the first wife of John Amos, a renowned actor and producer. She was a talented and versatile woman who had a passion for nature, animals, and art. She was also a pioneer in breaking the racial barriers in the United States, as she married a black man when interracial marriages were illegal in many states. Here are some facts about her life, career, and family.

A Childhood in Iowa

Noel J. Mickelson was born in 1938 in Iowa, to Roy J. and Patricia A. Campa1. She had two brothers, and grew up in a small town in Iowa. She was of Ashkenazi Jewish descent, and her ancestors came from Eastern Europe. She developed an interest in art and horses from a young age, and spent her childhood drawing, painting, and riding. She attended Colonel Crawford High School, where she was a cheerleader and a basketball player. She also participated in beauty pageants and won the title of Miss Ohio Teen USA in 1955.

A Career in Art and Equestrian

After graduating from high school, Noel moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career in art and equestrian. She studied at the University of the Arts, London, where she learned various techniques and styles of painting, drawing, and sculpting. She also trained as an equestrian, and competed in several events and shows. She became a successful artist and equestrian, and exhibited her work in various galleries and museums. She also sold her paintings and sculptures to private collectors and celebrities.

A Marriage That Changed History

Noel met John Amos in 1959, when he was a student at Colorado State University. He was a football player and a sociology major, and he was also of African-American and Ghanaian ancestry. They had a mutual friend who introduced them, and they fell in love at first sight. They dated for six years, and faced many challenges and obstacles due to their racial difference. Interracial marriages were illegal in 16 states at that time, and they faced discrimination and hostility from society. However, they did not let racism stop them, and they got married in 1965, in a state where their marriage was legal. They became one of the first interracial couples in the United States, and their marriage was a symbol of love and courage.

A Family of Four

Noel and John had two children together, a son and a daughter. Their son, K.C. Amos, was born in 1966, and their daughter, Shannon Amos, was born in 1968. They raised their children in Los Angeles, where they lived in a spacious house with a large garden and a stable. They also had several pets, including dogs, cats, and horses. They were a happy and loving family, and they supported each other’s careers and interests. Noel encouraged John to pursue his acting career, and John supported Noel’s artistic and equestrian endeavors.

A Divorce That Ended Their Love

Noel and John were married for 10 years, but their relationship started to deteriorate in the mid-1970s. They had different personalities and lifestyles, and they grew apart over time. They also had conflicts and disagreements over their finances, careers, and children. They decided to end their marriage, and they got divorced in 1975. They remained friends and co-parents, and they shared the custody of their children. They also respected each other’s achievements and contributions, and they wished each other well.

A Death That Left a Legacy

Noel died in December 2006, at the age of 68. She had been suffering from a chronic illness, and she passed away peacefully in her home. She was surrounded by her family and friends, who mourned her loss and celebrated her life. She left behind a legacy of art, equestrian, and activism, and she inspired many people with her talent, passion, and courage. She also left behind a loving family, who honored her memory and fulfilled her last wishes. Her daughter, Shannon, took her ashes around the world, as Noel had always wanted to travel and see different places.

Trivia and Fan Facts

Noel J. Mickelson was a Virgo, as she was born in SeptemberShe was said to be meticulous, practical, and artistic, which were some of the traits of her zodiac sign
Noel J. Mickelson had a net worth of $4 million, as of 2023She had earned her wealth from her art and equestrian endeavors, as well as from her ex-husband’s income
Noel J. Mickelson had a tattoo of a horse on her right shoulderShe got the tattoo when she was 20 years old, and said that it represented her love for horses and equestrian
Noel J. Mickelson was not active on social media, as she preferred to keep her personal life privateShe did not have any accounts on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, and she rarely gave interviews or appeared on TV

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