Prices of all Toyota Vitz Models for Sale in Ghana
Prices of all Toyota Vitz Models for Sale in Ghana

Prices of all Toyota Vitz Models for Sale in Ghana

March 25, 2022

Toyota, which is obviously one of the most used vehicle brands in Ghana, has one of its vehicle models, the Toyota Vitz, accepted by a lot of people in Ghana. Probably this is because of its affordability and economical nature. Even though Prices of Toyota Vitz may differ at different dealerships, it wouldn’t be a huge price difference.

Toyota Vitz

The Toyota Vitz which is among the smallest size models of Toyota cars was started in the year  1999. The hatched back car comes in several engine sizes and transmissions. There is a 5-speed manual transmission and a 4-speed AW80-40LE automatic. Also the engine sizes are 1.0L, 1.3L and 1.5L which runs on petrol. The 1.4L engine runs on diesel.

Price of Toyota Vitz in Ghana

Toyota Vitz in Ghana are much more expensive than what you will find in Europe and other parts of the world. This is largely due to the additional taxes and other costs the shipper incurs while bringing the car to Ghana. Obviously the dealership or the seller of the car will pass these costs on to the buyer and yet add some margin of profit he/she needs to make to continue to stay in business.

YearPrice Range in Cedi
2009, 2010, 201130,000 to 33,000
2012, 201334,000 to 37,000

Why it’s a good idea to buy Toyota Vitz

Toyota Vitz’ engine capacity is on the low side and consumes less fuel as compared to other models of Toyota vehicles. It therefore makes economic sense to go for a Toyota Vitz if you are looking to save costs on fuel. Another important thing you cannot lose sight of is the cheaper price of Toyota Vitz’ spare parts. This is very important in cutting down cost anytime a problem needs to be fixed on your car. 


Toyota Vitz which is also known as the Yaris is largely used in Ghana for commercial purposes. Like Taxi, Uber, Bolt, Yango etc. Hence the interest of many people rushing for it.  The most important thing to note is to try to do a proper inspection at the point of purchasing the car to make sure the car is as good as new.

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