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Sandi Thom Joe: The Singer-Songwriter and the Blues-Rock Guitarist Who Found Love Through Music

Sandi Thom Joe: The Singer-Songwriter and the Blues-Rock Guitarist Who Found Love Through Music

Sandi Thom Joe is a Scottish singer-songwriter and musician who became famous for her hit single “I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker (With Flowers in My Hair)” in 2006. She is also the wife of Joe Bonamassa, a renowned American blues-rock guitarist and singer. She is a talented and versatile woman who has a passion for music, art, and travel. She is also a supportive and loving partner who has collaborated with Joe on several projects and albums. Here are some facts about her life, career, and family.

A Childhood in Scotland

Sandi Thom Joe was born as Alexandra Thom on August 11, 1981, in Banff, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. She grew up with her parents and two brothers in Macduff, a small fishing town on the Moray Firth coast. She was of Scottish and Irish descent, and her ancestors came from the Highlands and the Islands. She developed an interest in music and singing from a young age, and learned to play various instruments, such as piano, guitar, harmonica, and saxophone.

She attended Banff Academy, where she was a member of the school choir and band. She also participated in various musicals and competitions, and won several awards and scholarships. She moved to London at the age of 17, where she studied at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, founded by Paul McCartney. She graduated with a BA degree in music in 2003.

A Career in Music and Art

Sandi started her career as a singer and songwriter, performing in various pubs and clubs in London. She also worked as a session musician and a backing vocalist for various artists, such as Bryan Adams, Nizlopi, and Amy Winehouse. She signed a record deal with Viking Legacy Records in 2005, and released her debut album, Smile… It Confuses People, in 2006. The album featured her breakthrough single, “I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker (With Flowers in My Hair)”, which topped the charts in the UK, Australia, and several other countries. The song was a nostalgic tribute to the 1960s and 1970s, and was inspired by her love for Bob Dylan and Joan Baez.

Sandi also gained fame for her innovative use of the internet to promote her music. She performed a series of webcasts from her basement flat in Tooting, London, in 2006, which attracted millions of viewers and media attention. She was dubbed as the first “webcast sensation” and the “internet’s new pop star” by the press. She also received several awards and nominations for her music, such as the Ivor Novello Award, the Q Award, and the Brit Award.

Sandi also ventured into other genres and styles of music, such as folk, rock, blues, soul, and country. She released several albums, such as The Pink & the Lily, Merchants and Thieves, Flesh and Blood, and The Covers Collection. She also collaborated with various artists, such as Joe Bonamassa, Rich Robinson, and Mike Chapman. She also explored her artistic side, creating paintings, drawings, and sculptures that reflect her passion and vision. She has exhibited her work in various galleries and shows, and has received positive feedback and recognition.

A Marriage That Began with a Song

Sandi met Joe Bonamassa in 2009, when they co-wrote and recorded a song called “This Ol’ World” for her album Merchants and Thieves. They had a mutual friend who introduced them, and they had a great chemistry on and off the studio. They dated for two years, and faced many challenges and obstacles due to their busy schedules and long-distance relationship. However, they did not let these barriers stop them, and they got married in 2011, in a private ceremony in Los Angeles. They have also not shared any information about their children, if they have any.

A Family of Five

Sandi and Joe have no children of their own, but they have three dogs, who are part of their family. They have a Vizsla named Smudge, a Labrador Retriever named Bella, and a German Shepherd named Stella. They are loyal, energetic, and affectionate dogs, who often accompany them on their tours and travels. They also have their own Instagram accounts, where they have thousands of followers.

Sandi and Joe love their dogs, and treat them like their children. They take them to various places and activities, such as hiking, camping, swimming, and playing. They also celebrate their birthdays and holidays with them, and spoil them with treats and toys. They say that their dogs are their best friends and companions, and that they bring them joy and laughter.

A Supportive Spouse and a Partner

Sandi has been a supportive spouse and a partner for Joe, who has had a successful career as a guitarist and a singer. She has accompanied him to various shows and events, and has cheered him on from the sidelines. She has also helped him cope with the challenges and pressures of his profession, and has encouraged him to pursue his passion and goals. She has said that she is proud of him and his achievements, and that he is a great husband and father.

Joe has also been supportive and appreciative of Sandi, who has had a successful career as a singer and a songwriter. He has praised her for her talent, passion, and courage, and has learned from her about different genres and styles of music. He has also joined her in some of her projects and albums, and has added his guitar skills and vocals to her songs. He has said that she is his inspiration and motivation, and that he loves her more than anything.

A Happy Couple

Sandi and Joe have been married for ten years, and have a happy and loving relationship. They share a lot of common interests and values, such as their love for music, art, and dogs. They also respect and support each other’s individuality and independence, and celebrate each other’s successes and milestones. They also enjoy spending quality time with each other, and have fun and laughter together. They are a perfect match, and a power couple in the music industry.

Trivia and Fan Facts

Sandi is a Leo, as she was born in AugustShe is said to be creative, generous, and confident, which are some of the traits of her zodiac sign
Sandi has a net worth of $2 million, as of 2023She has earned her wealth from her music and art endeavors, as well as from her husband’s income
Sandi has a tattoo of a flower on her left wristShe got the tattoo when she was 18 years old, and said that it represents her love for nature and beauty
Sandi is active on social media, especially on Instagram and TwitterShe has over 50,000 followers on Instagram, where she posts pictures of her music, art, and dogs. She has over 10,000 followers on Twitter, where she tweets about music, culture, and current affairs

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