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Taunya Pickett biography: The Wife Behind the Comedy Star, Bigg Jah

Taunya Pickett biography: The Wife Behind the Comedy Star, Bigg Jah

Taunya Pickett is not just the wife of the famous comedian and YouTuber Jahdai Pickett, better known as Bigg Jah. She is also a successful beauty store owner, a loving mother, and a supportive partner. In this article, we will explore the life and achievements of Taunya, who has been married to Bigg Jah since 2021.

Early Life and Education

Taunya was born as Taunya Williamson on June 15, 1984, in Upland, California. She grew up in a family full of women, including her mother and three sisters. She was the youngest and the most spoiled of the siblings, but she also learned a lot from them. She was taught how to be a strong, independent, and creative woman by their examples.

Taunya attended Upland High School, where she was a good student and a cheerleader. She then went to Chaffey College, where she studied business administration. She later transferred to Arizona State University, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 2014.

Career and Business

Taunya always had a passion for beauty and fashion. She started working as a sales associate at a beauty supply store when she was in college. She learned the ins and outs of the business and developed her skills and knowledge in the industry. She also discovered her talent for baking and decorating cakes and cupcakes, which she often made for her family and friends.

In 2018, Taunya decided to pursue her dream of owning her own beauty store. She opened Four Sisters Naturally, a store that sells natural and organic beauty products, in North Hollywood, California. The store is named after her and her sisters, who are also her partners and supporters. Taunya is the CEO and the main manager of the store, which has been doing well and attracting loyal customers.

Marriage and Family

Taunya met Bigg Jah in 2019, when she went to one of his comedy shows with her friends. She was impressed by his humor and charisma, and he was smitten by her beauty and personality. They exchanged numbers and started dating soon after. They had a lot in common, such as their love for comedy, music, and movies. They also supported each other’s careers and goals.

Bigg Jah proposed to Taunya on her birthday in 2020, and they got married on November 21, 2021, in Moreno Valley, California. The wedding was a beautiful and intimate affair, attended by their close family and friends. Bigg Jah announced their marriage on his Instagram and Twitter accounts, calling her his Mrs. 2DAMAX.

Taunya and Bigg Jah have two children, a son named Jahdai Jr., who was born in 2022, and a daughter named Jada, who was born in 2023. They live in a cozy and comfortable house in North Hollywood, California. They are a happy and loving family, who enjoy spending time together and having fun.

Hobbies and Interests

Taunya is a woman of many hobbies and interests. She loves baking, especially cakes and cupcakes, which she often makes for her family and friends. She also enjoys reading, watching movies, and listening to music. Some of her favorite genres are romance, comedy, and R&B. She is a fan of Beyoncé, Drake, and Rihanna.

Taunya is also a fitness enthusiast, who likes to work out and stay in shape. She does yoga, pilates, and cardio exercises regularly. She also follows a healthy and balanced diet, which includes her favorite food, sushi. She likes to treat herself to a spa day once in a while, where she relaxes and pampers herself.

Taunya is also a devout Christian, who believes in God and prays every day. She attends church services and participates in charity events. She is grateful for all the blessings in her life and tries to spread positivity and kindness to others.


NameTaunya Pickett
PartnerJahdai Pickett (Bigg Jah)
Children2 (Jahdai Jr. and Jada)
Education LevelBachelor’s degree
Favorite FoodSushi
Net Worth$500,000
Siblings3 sisters
Favorite TV ShowFriends
PetA dog named Max


Taunya Pickett is more than just the wife of Bigg Jah. She is a successful beauty store owner, a loving mother, and a supportive partner. She is also a strong, independent, and creative woman, who has her own life and achievements. She is an inspiration and a role model for many women, who aspire to have it all.

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