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Taylin Lewan: From Small Town Girl to Making Big Waves

Taylin Lewan: From Small Town Girl to Making Big Waves

She was a petite blonde with a megawatt smile, shaking pom poms on the sidelines as a cheerleader for the University of Michigan football team. He was a towering, tattooed offensive lineman, known for his grit on the field and lighthearted antics off it. When Taylin Crosby and Taylor Lewan’s paths crossed at U of M, it sparked a relationship that neither expected.

Taylin grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona, where she honed her skills as a gymnast and dancer from a young age. Though shy and soft-spoken, she harbored big dreams of one day cheering for a Division I college team. Taylor, raised in Arizona as well, emerged as a football standout in high school. Recruited by several top programs, he chose to take his talents to Ann Arbor.

In the fall of 2009, Taylin arrived at Michigan a wide-eyed freshman, making the cheerleading squad as she’d always envisioned. Taylor, an intimidating sophomore whose brash attitude didn’t yet mesh with his underdog status, was still carving out his role on the Wolverines. When Taylor first noticed the sweet girl enthusiastically supporting his team from the sidelines, he felt drawn to her kind heart and humble nature.

As the cheerful Taylin and outspoken Taylor got acquainted through their overlapping social circles, friendship bloomed into romance. While Taylin focused on cheering and her demanding biology program, Taylor’s career took off as he became a college football superstar. After graduation, the NFL beckoned, but Taylor couldn’t imagine leaving Ann Arbor – or Taylin – behind.

Little did Taylin and Taylor know, their story was just getting started…


While Taylin shone as a cheerleader during her college years, she possessed a quiet ambition that led her down an unexpected path after graduation. Though known for her bubbly spirit and girl-next-door vibe, Taylin also harbored a creative spark within.

Born in Arizona as the middle child sandwiched between two brothers, Taylin was a self-proclaimed tomboy growing up. She found outlets for her energetic and fearless nature through dance, gymnastics, and competitive cheer. But Taylin also dreamed of spreading her wings beyond the sidelines one day.

After finishing her demanding undergraduate degree at Michigan, Taylin sought new adventures. On a whim, she decided to try her hand at modeling. Taylin soon signed with a local agency in Michigan, landing a few small gigs. Her big break came when she was hired for a national campaign with Calvin Klein in 2016. The job provided invaluable experience and exposure.

Over the next few years, Taylin picked up more modeling jobs and graced the pages of magazines like People and Sports Illustrated. Yet she approached modeling as more of a passion project, finding joy in the artistry rather than fame. Taylin remained focused on her long-term goal of attending medical school.

While unexpected, Taylin’s modeling success demonstrated her determination to challenge herself. Little did she know, even greater challenges – and triumphs – still lay ahead.


While Taylin was finding her footing after college, Taylor’s football career was taking off in a big way. Drafted 11th overall by the Tennessee Titans in 2014, he quickly emerged as a standout left tackle. But with Taylor’s meteoric rise came growing pains – living far from his Michigan hometown and Taylin was no easy feat.

The pair’s relationship was tested by long distance and Taylor’s demanding schedule. Yet their bond only grew stronger, cemented by daily phone calls, frequent flights between Nashville and Ann Arbor, and unwavering support.

In 2016, after nearly 5 years of dating, Taylor decided it was time to take the leap and propose. One night after dinner near campus, he led a unsuspecting Taylin to the Michigan Stadium turf, got down on one knee, and asked her to marry him. Of course, she said yes!

The couple wed in Summer 2017 back on the U of M campus where their love first began. Their intimate outdoor ceremony radiated joy and simplicity. For Taylin, marrying Taylor meant the thrill of starting a new chapter together balanced with the comfort of their shared history.

Settling into married life in Nashville, the good-natured Lewans quickly became fan favorites. Their playful banter on social media and lighthearted prank wars delighted followers. Taylor’s admiration for his “smokeshow” wife was evident, as was Taylin’s steadfast support through ups and downs.

Though far from Taylin’s original plan, her unexpected path with Taylor proved that destiny works in mysterious ways.


In the years following her wedding, Taylin Lewan found herself searching for a new purpose beyond modeling and supporting her husband’s budding football stardom. Though she cherished married life with Taylor, Taylin yearned to make a difference on her own terms.

She found inspiration close to home in Nashville, a city brimming with need. Taylin witnessed firsthand the struggles of food insecurity and homelessness throughout the community. Compelled to take action, she volunteered at local shelters and food banks, developing a hands-on understanding of these critical issues.

In 2019, Taylin co-founded a nonprofit called Feeding Nashville with her close friend Hayley Hubbard. The organization worked to provide healthy, restaurant-quality meals to those facing hunger in Nashville. Taylin threw herself wholly into planning fundraising events, soliciting donations, and spreading awareness.

When the COVID-19 pandemic gripped Music City in 2020, Taylin helped pivot Feeding Nashville’s efforts toward delivering meals to healthcare workers on the frontlines. Seeing the tangible impact of her work only strengthened Taylin’s passion for giving back.

Though initially intimidated by the nonprofit world, Taylin embraced her new purpose. Her humility, compassion and business savvy allowed her philanthropy to flourish.


These days, Taylin Lewan juggles her philanthropic work with the adventure of raising two young daughters, Wynne and Willow, with husband Taylor.

After welcoming baby Wynne in 2018, the Lewans were thrilled to expand their family once more with Willow’s arrival in 2021. Taylin takes great pride in being a hands-on mom, documenting their girls’ many milestones and adventures on social media.

However, the Lewan’s world was rocked in 2020 when Taylor suffered a severe ACL injury, sidelining him for the entire NFL season. Leanring on her strength, Taylin held their family together during Taylor’s surgery and intensive rehab. Her unwavering support fueled his comeback.

In 2022, with Taylor back in action for the Titans, a content Taylin continues to split time between Nashville and Arizona. When not chasing after her rambunctious daughters, she runs her own blog and clothing line.

Taylin also remains devoted to Feeding Nashville, attending charity events and recruiting volunteers. Though she now shares the spotlight with Taylor, Taylin’s passion for philanthropy still takes center stage.

After walking their own winding journeys side-by-side, the Lewans have embraced the unpredictability of life and family. Come what may on or off the field, their love keeps them grounded.

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