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Valerie Chaney – The Woman Behind the Laughter

Valerie Chaney – The Woman Behind the Laughter

“Behind every successful man is a strong woman” is an age-old adage that rings ever so true when it comes to comedian Pete Holmes and his wife Valerie Chaney. While Pete has won over audiences worldwide with his witty observational humor, much of the credit for his success belongs to Valerie, the pillar of support propelling him forward.

As Pete’s number one fan and life partner, Valerie has been instrumental in nurturing Pete’s comedic talents. She provides a nurturing home environment where Pete can hone his craft and find inspiration for new material. Valerie herself has an artistic spirit and vibrant personality that perfectly complements Pete’s own quirky sensibilities.

Even more than supporting his career, Valerie helps keep Pete grounded in what matters most – faith, family, and enjoying life’s simple pleasures. While fame inevitably changes people, Valerie’s calming presence ensures Pete stays true to who he is. He frequently credits his wife for keeping him humble, self-aware, and always striving for self-improvement.

In this blog post, we will explore the fascinating story of the woman behind the laughter – Valerie Chaney. Get ready to discover how this multi-talented individual captured the heart of comedian Pete Holmes. We’ll learn about Valerie’s own journey through life, passions, relationships, and the wisdom she brings to her marriage with Pete.

Far beyond just being a famous comedian’s wife, Valerie is a force of nature who enriches the lives of everyone she meets. She empowers others to find their own inner light through her work as a teacher of yoga, dance, meditation and mindfulness practices. Join us on an inspirational adventure into the world of Valerie Chaney!


Valerie Chaney was born on November 16, 1986 in Cincinnati, Ohio and had an idyllic upbringing. She grew up in a nurturing family as the youngest of five children. Valerie’s childhood home was constantly filled with laughter and lively conversation. This early exposure to humor and quick wit no doubt played a role in her eventual connection with comedian Pete Holmes. 

From an early age, Valerie had a thirst for knowledge and self-discovery. She was always curious about the world around her. Valerie excelled in her studies and was especially drawn to literature, psychology, and the performing arts.

After graduating high school, Valerie went on to attend Xavier University in Cincinnati. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Psychology in 2009. Beyond just striving for academic excellence, Valerie was committed to moral development during her college years. She was actively involved in campus ministry programs and volunteering her time to help others in need.

Valerie’s educational background provided the perfect foundation to launch her career as a teacher focused on wellness, creativity, and spirituality. It also prepared her to take on one of her most important roles in life – being a loving, insightful, and patient partner to Pete Holmes. 

Valerie’s early experiences shaped her into a compassionate, mindful, and inspiring woman. She took the lessons from her upbringing and education, and found beautiful ways to share her light with the world.


Valerie Chaney has built a diverse career that allows her to pursue her true passions – empowering others, promoting wellness, and exploring creativity.

After college, Valerie worked in the entertainment industry for a few years. She gained experience in content creation, writing, and production. Valerie worked as a content manager for The Nerd Machine, a website dedicated to pop culture and fandom. She also worked as a producer on the comedy web series Con Man starring Alan Tudyk.

While building her professional resume, Valerie realized her true calling was in holistic health and wellness. She became a certified yoga instructor and started teaching classes at yoga studios across Los Angeles. Valerie is now a highly sought-after yoga and meditation teacher.

Beyond yoga, Valerie expresses her creativity through dance. She teaches various styles of movement and dance at studios like Heartbeat House. Valerie’s classes aim to get people tuned into their bodies and spirits.

Valerie also co-hosts a spirituality podcast called The Duncan Trussell Family Hour. She and Duncan explore topics like mindfulness, relationships, and finding meaning. The podcast provides an outlet for Valerie to share her insights with a wider audience.

Through all her endeavors, Valerie spreads her message of self-love, healing, and living joyfully. She lives according to her mantra: “Honor your body. Free your mind. Follow your heart.”

Valerie often speaks of being grateful for the opportunities she has to educate and uplift others. Her career allows her to walk her talk every day by being a positive force in people’s lives.


Valerie Chaney and Pete Holmes make an unlikely, but perfectly matched pair. The yoga instructor and comedian crossed paths in 2014 thanks to a mutual friend. Their first encounter was on Pete’s podcast “You Made It Weird”, where they immediately hit it off over discussions of spirituality, creativity, and relationships.

Pete was drawn to Valerie’s adventurous spirit, emotional intelligence, and commitment to growth. Likewise, Valerie admired Pete’s humor, authenticity, and thirst for knowledge. Their shared interests in the arts, culture, nature, and exploration served as the foundation for a blossoming romance.

Within two years of meeting, Pete and Valerie were engaged. While on a romantic hot air balloon ride over France in 2016, Pete popped the question to which Valerie happily said yes.

On October 28, 2017, surrounded by loved ones, Pete and Valerie tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in Ojai, California. Their wedding officiant was Pete’s good friend and previous podcast guest, Duncan Trussell.

Pete and Valerie expanded their family in September 2018 with the arrival of their daughter, Lila Jane Holmes. They relish their roles as first-time parents and enjoy showering Lila with affection.

The husband and wife team support each other’s professional endeavors. Pete often appears as a guest on Valerie’s podcast while she helps manage his career. Valerie also accompanies Pete on tours and provides helpful feedback on his comedy material. 

Above all, Pete and Valerie cherish the laughter and joy they’ve found together. Valerie frequently expresses gratitude for her “daily dose of vitamin P(ete)” and how he keeps her smiling. Their relationship proves that even in show business, some stars are destined to align.


Juggling the demands of family life and a busy career is no easy feat, but Valerie Chaney makes it look effortless. She and husband Pete Holmes have created a warm, loving home as the foundation for raising their daughter Lila. 

Valerie takes great pride in being a mother and wife. She is incredibly attentive to Lila’s needs and makes sure quality time together is a priority. Valerie exposes Lila to diverse interests like language, music, nature, and art. She also teaches her mindfulness and self-acceptance.

At the same time, Valerie remains committed to nurturing her own passions. She continues teaching yoga and dance classes while also co-hosting her podcast. Valerie often brings Lila along to work and involves her in activities.

To keep their relationship strong, Valerie and Pete make couple time sacred. They enjoy simple pleasures together like sharing meals, taking walks, traveling, and having thoughtful conversations. Laughter and playfulness keep their partnership fresh.

The family leads an environmentally conscious lifestyle. They follow a primarily plant-based diet and minimize waste. Valerie and Pete also donate to charitable causes related to animal welfare, children’s education, and mental health awareness.

Spirituality is central to Valerie’s worldview. She embraces tenets of Buddhism along with the mysticism of ancient teachings. Valerie meditates daily and often takes solo retreats to revitalize her mind and spirit.

At her core, Valerie believes in loving wholeheartedly, living fully in the present, and finding beauty everywhere. She doesn’t just preach this philosophy, but truly embodies it in all aspects of her vibrant life.

Valerie Chaney shows us all that a life of balance, joy, and purpose is possible when we tend to our relationships, pursue our passions, and care for ourselves in the process.


Valerie Chaney is so much more than just Pete Holmes’ wife. She is a talented teacher, content creator, devoted mother, and seeker of knowledge. Valerie’s story provides inspiration for how to live life to the fullest.

Some key lessons we can learn from Valerie include

  • Follow your inner voice – Valerie built a career around her true passions by becoming a teacher. She shows us the power of listening to your heart.
  • Share your gifts with the world – Valerie guides others on their self-improvement journeys through dance, yoga, podcasts, and more. Her message is one of empowerment.
  • Nurture your relationships – Valerie maintains a strong marriage with Pete by making their partnership a priority. She gives her all to her family.
  • Keep growing – Valerie constantly educates herself through books, experiences, and connections. She lives with a beginner’s mindset.
  • Find joy in the present – Valerie doesn’t wait for happiness – she cultivates it through practices like mindfulness, play, and gratitude.
  • Spread more light – Valerie contributes to positive change through environmentalism, animal advocacy, and charity work.

Valerie Chaney demonstrates how to live life to the fullest through the pursuit of knowledge, creativity, adventure and service to others. Her story is one of passion, humor, and unrelenting authenticity. She is an exemplar of the wisdom, “Do what you love, love what you do.”

We could all learn from Valerie’s model. By walking in her shoes – even if just briefly – we see how rewarding the journey can be.

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