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Kyle Richh Wiki, Age, Ethnicity, Height, Weight, Career, Net Worth

Kyle Richh Wiki, Age, Ethnicity, Height, Weight, Career, Net Worth

Kyle Richh is a name that has been making waves in the Brooklyn drill rap scene, and his influence is only continuing to grow. As a member of the 41boyz rap crew, alongside Jenn Carter, Dee Billz and Tata, Kyle has been instrumental in shaping the sound and style of the genre. With his raw and authentic lyrics, as well as his captivating stage presence, he has solidified himself as a driving force in the world of drill. He is known for singles such as Notti Bop, Deuce, 41 Bop, Damn among others. He is associated with rappers such as Fivio Foreign and Ron Suno.

In this article, we will delve into the life and rise of Kyle Richh, his impact on the Brooklyn drill rap scene, and what sets him apart as an artist.

Kyle Richh Wiki.

Kyle Richh is an American rapper who was born Kyle Henry Richardson on January 22, 2003 to a pair of African parents in the neighborhood of Brownsville, a residential neighborhood in eastern Brooklyn, New York. As a kid, Kyle always found himself in the streets of Brownsville getting into all kinds of trouble and only goes home in the early hours of the morning which he is always met by the disappointment etched on the face of his parents. He used to hustle on his block by selling weed and sometimes water, but the older he got, the more he realized he could not keep moving in the same circle and living the same life. He was introduced to rap music by his father who used to play classic music by artistes like Biggie, Tupac, Jay Z among others. After being exposed to the works of these artistes, Kyle was inspired and he began writing his own bars at a young age of 7. Despite his deep-seated love for rap, Kyle was too nervous to show off his talent until much recently that he decided to make music a part of his life. He is a member of the 41 Boyz, a close-knit rap group which includes fellow drill rappers Tata and Jenn Carter. He is associated with other rappers such as Ron Suno and Fivio Foreign whom he has worked with on songs. His music is deeply appreciated and as such, he boasts of over 212 thousand subscribers on his YouTube. He also has over 329 thousand followers on his Instagram to show for his success as a rapper. He is known for bangers such as Deuce, 41 Bop, Notti Bop alongside his crew members. One of his most popular song, Notti Bop, is a diss song he did for Notti, the fallen brother of fellow New York drill rapper, DD Osama. The song currently has over 2.7 million views on YouTube.

How old is Kyle Richh?

Kyle Richh was born on January 22, 2003 and he is currently 20 years old as of 2023. He is an Aquarius and as such, he possesses the personality traits that are often associated with this birth sign which includes confidence, progressiveness, cleverness and innovativeness.

Is Kyle Richh an African?

Kyle Richh was born to a pair of African parents in Brownsville, New York. His parents are reportedly of Nigerian origin, which makes him an African by descent and American by citizenship.

Who are Kyle Richh’s parents?

He was born to African parents who immigrated to the United States before he was born. Though he has not revealed the names and occupations of his parents, he revealed the relationship he has with his parents. In interview, he stated his father is very strict and always show him tough love and never approved of his street life and pursuit of music. His father never showed him direct love and wanted to discipline him to stay on straight and narrow path. He however revealed he is very cool with his mother who, like every other mother, showed him love and support. Whilst he is very cool and close with his mother, he has an unhealthy relationship with his father.

Kyle Richh’s Siblings.

He has a little sister whom he is very close with. He once posted a video in which he was rocking a traditional Nigerian outfit together with his sister.

Who is Kyle Ricch currently dating?

Kyle Richh has not disclosed any information with regards to who he is currently romantically-attached to. He could have at least dated one person previously but he has not provided any information on that too. Many speculated he was in a relationship with crew mate, Jenn Carter due to the chemistry between the two, but it the claims does not hold water as it has not been confirmed by any of them.

How tall is Kyle Richh? Height & Weight.

Kyle stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches tall and has a body weight of approximately 66 kilograms. His height and weight contribute to him having a slim appearance.

Physical Features.

Kyle Ricch has black hair and brown eyes which complements his dark skin tone. He embraces alternative forms of self-expression and as such, has tattoos and ear-piercings. He lives a flamboyant lifestyle and as such adorns jewelries.

Educational background and why he was kicked out of college.

Kyle Ricch had his high school education in a local high school in Brooklyn, where he obtained his high school diploma. After his graduation from high school, he enrolled at Buffalo College where he kicked out after he mistaken set off the fire alarm due to the excessive smoke he produced whilst smoking weed. Upon inspection by campus security in his room, it was found out he had a stock of weed in his possession, which he was expelled for.


He was introduced to rap music by his father who used to play classic music by artistes like Biggie, Tupac, Jay Z among others. After being exposed to the works of these artistes, he was inspired and he started writing his own bars at an early age of 7. Despite having a deep-seated talent and passion for rap, he was too nervous to show off his talent until he was kicked out of college. That when he realized music is the only option left for him. He started taking music seriously and embarked on his professional career in 2021. His debut single titled “Storm” was uploaded to Spotify in collaboration with another artiste by the name of 703Mir. He went on to release another single titled “Oppy” and in August 2021, he released his debut EP which he titled “Everything Dead”. The EP featured seven tracks and had guest features from artistes like Mo Kartii, Dee Billz, Dae Bux among others. It received critical-acclaim. Over the course of his career, he met Tata and Jenn Carter, Dee Billz whom he collaborated with to form the 41 crew. They released a number of tracks such as Deuces, 41 Bop, Stomp Stomp and Notti Bop, the latter which is  a diss track to Notti Osama, the fallen brother of drill rapper, DD Osama who stabbed after confronting his opp in a subway station in New York.

Kyle Richh’s Net Worth.

According to reliable sources, Kyle Ricch has amassed an estimated net worth of $700,000 as of 2023. His major source of income is his music. He continues amass a huge number of streams and sales for his songs which contributes to his net worth.


Full NameKyle Henry Richardson
Stage NameKyle Richh
Date of BirthJanuary 22, 2003
Age20 years
Zodiac SignAquarius
HometownBrooklyn, New York
Net Worth$700,000
Height5 feet 9 inches
Weight66 kilograms

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