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New and used Mercedes Benz GL Class price in Ghana

New and used Mercedes Benz GL Class price in Ghana

The Mercedes-Benz GL-Class, introduced in 2006, was designed to be a full-sized seven-seater luxury SUV, filling the niche above the mid-sized ML-Class (now GLE-Class) in Mercedes-Benz’s lineup. Manufactured in Alabama, USA, the GL was primarily aimed at the American market but was sold worldwide.

How much is Mercedes Benz GL Class in Ghana?

Model YearPrice in Cedis (GHC)
Mercedes Benz GL 2007150,000
Mercedes Benz GL 2008 – 2009200,000
Mercedes Benz GL 2010250,000
Mercedes Benz GL 2011270,000
Mercedes Benz GL 2012 – 2013400,000
Mercedes Benz GL 2014490,000
Mercedes Benz GL 2015600,000


First Generation (X164; 2006–2012)

  • Exterior: This generation presented a blend of elegance and ruggedness. It showcased the typical Mercedes SUV design of that era, with broad shoulders, an upright front, and pronounced wheel arches.
  • Interior: The inside was designed with luxury in mind. There was a mix of premium materials, wood trims, and metal accents. The layout prioritized comfort for all seven passengers.

Second Generation (X166; 2012-2019)

  • Exterior: This model had a more refined design, with smoother lines, a more imposing front grille, and advanced LED lighting. It leaned more towards an elegant and sophisticated style while retaining its muscular stance.
  • Interior: The second-gen’s cabin featured a more modern layout, with a focus on technology integration, such as the COMAND infotainment system. Premium materials, enhanced ergonomics, and additional luxury features made it more upscale.


First Generation (X164)

  • Engine Options: Range from V6 diesel engines, like the GL 320 CDI, to powerful V8 petrol engines, like the GL 450 and GL 500. A top-tier performance variant, the GL 63 AMG, was also introduced.
  • Transmission: Came equipped with a 7-speed automatic transmission.
  • Drive: Permanent 4MATIC all-wheel drive was standard.

Second Generation (X166)

  • Engine Options: Continued offering V6 and V8 powertrains, both in diesel and petrol. A high-performance AMG variant, the GL 63 AMG, powered by a 5.5-liter V8, was also part of this lineup.
  • Transmission: A 7-speed automatic was the standard transmission, but some later models got a 9-speed automatic.
  • Tech & Safety: Advanced driver assistance systems, air suspension, and the latest COMAND infotainment system were notable features.

Available Models and Their Released Dates

First Generation (X164)

  • Launch: Introduced in 2006 and continued till 2012.
  • Key models included GL 320 CDI, GL 450, GL 500, and later, GL 350 BlueTEC and GL 550. The high-performance GL 63 AMG was also a significant variant.

Second Generation (X166)

  • Launch: Debuted in 2012 and ran until 2019. However, it’s worth noting that in 2016, as part of Mercedes-Benz’s renaming strategy, the GL-Class was renamed the GLS-Class to align it with the brand’s luxury sedan hierarchy. The name change signified its position as the “S-Class” of SUVs.
  • Key models before the renaming included the GL 350 BlueTEC, GL 450, GL 550, and the GL 63 AMG.

The GL-Class, especially in its second iteration, underscored Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to combining luxury with utility and performance. Its transition to the GLS naming convention further emphasized its importance in the luxury SUV segment.

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