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Sha EK Wiki, Age, Ethnicity, Girlfriend, children, Height, Weight, Career, Net Worth.

Sha EK Wiki, Age, Ethnicity, Girlfriend, children, Height, Weight, Career, Net Worth.

Sha EK also known as Jiggy Man, a native of the Courtlandt projects in the Bronx, has emerged as a trailblazer in the world of drill rap. With his raw and unapologetic style, Sha EK has solidified his place as one of the pioneers of the Bronx drill scene, captivating audiences with his powerful lyrics and intense beats, which usually revolves around violence and crime. With his unique sound and powerful storytelling, he carries a distinct identity in the Bronx drill scene. He is known for hits such as D&D, New Opps, Face of the What, Jiggy Man among others. He is associated with fellow Bronx drill rappers such as Blockwork, CJ Goon, Bouba Savage among others. He is currently signed to Warner and Defiant Records.

In this article, we will explore the life and rise of Sha EK and his impact on the Bronx drill scene.

Sha EK Wiki.

Chalim Perry, professionally known as Sha EK, is an American rapper who was born on April 8, 2003 in The Bronx, New York City. He grew up in the Courtlandt projects, precisely in the Melrose neighborhood of the Bronx where he grew up with a crop of other successful drill rappers. As a kid, he was surrounded by street violence and to keep himself busy, he resorted to the basketball sport but that did not last long as he gave up after his team lost a championship game and he was totally disappointed. After his departure from the basketball court, he didn’t to try other avenues to keep himself busy but he unfortunately resorted to hustling in the streets of Bronx at just 13 years old. This decision did not pan out well as violence followed him everywhere after he got involved in the street life and activity. Due to this, he had multiple attempts on his life and at the age of 15, he was shot a couple of times but fortunately, he managed to survive. At a time, even people around him started getting hit and his sister was even subjected to a shooting which almost took her life. After these host of incidents, he started rapping. He grew up alongside other current drill rappers and he is associated with rappers such as Bouba Savage, CJ Goon, Sugarhill Keem, Blockwork among others and also affiliated with the OriginalGoonz (OGz) who are the sworn enemies of other Bronx cliques such as the DOA of which another Bronx drill rapper, Kay Flock, is a member and also the YGz of which Dthang Gz is  a member. He is known for hit songs such as D&D, New Opps, Face of the What, Jiggy Man among others.

Sha EK’s age.

Sha EK was born on April 8, 2003 and as such, he is currently 20 years old. He bears the Aries zodiac sign and as such, he embodies the characteristics that are often associated with this zodiac sign such as boldness, energy, charisma and passion.

Sha EK ethnicity.

Sha EK was born in the Bronx to Honduran parents of African descent and as such, he bears the Afro-Honduran ethnicity.

Parents & Siblings.

Sha EK has not revealed the absolute identities of his parents. However, it is reportedly known that they are Honduran immigrants who came to United States before he was born. He has a sister who was shot due to his rivalry with another Bronx clique. He is also reportedly the half brother of fellow drill rapper, PJ Glizzy.

Who is Sha EK currently dating?

Whilst he has always been open about his professional life, Sha EK has not revealed absolute information with regards to his dating life. It is however reported that he has an ex-girlfriend who also doubles as his baby mother, whom he has been going back and forth with. He was accused of cheating by his baby mother which led to their break-up and quarrels online.

Does Sha Ek have children?

Sha EK has a child whom he conceived with his baby mother. He has not provided the name and date of birth of the child and as such, it is totally unknown.

Is Sha EK a Christian?

Sha EK was reportedly born into a Christian household but it is unclear whether he still follows the faith.

Is Sha EK friends with Kay Flock?

Sha EK was friends with Kay Flock and his other associates, Dougie B and B Lovee but they currently find themselves as rivals. They two met through B Lovee who grew up with Sha EK and was also a mutual friend to Kay Flock. It is unknown what brought about their differences but Sha EK walked one way and Kay Flock together with B Lovee walked the other way. Both parties have not disclosed any information with regards to why they actually got separated.

What does the “EK” means in Sha EK’s name?

The EK is an acronym for “Everything Killer”, a term which implies a gang or person is beefing with every other clique and set and does not have alliance with any gang or clique. His name Sha EK simply stands for Sha Everything Killer, a term which implies he is beefing with all the sets and cliques in the Bronx, a factor which explains his many beefs and rivalries.

How tall is Sha EK? Height & Weight

Sha EK stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches tall and a weight of 60 kilograms.


Sha EK began his career at the age of 15 in 2018 after he got shot. He resorted to drill music as a way to taunt and disrespect his rivals but he took it seriously after finding out how lucrative music is as his music grew and people were really subscribing to his music. In 2020, he released his hit song D&D and its accompanying video on YouTube. The song currently sits at 10 million views on YouTube and has over 8 million streams on Spotify. Due to his impressive performances, he was signed by Warner Records in July 2022. In August that same year, he collaborated with the Chicago rapper, PGF Nuk and released the single “We Droppin”. In 2023, he has released singles such as EBK among others.

Sha EK’s net worth.

Sha EK reportedly has an estimated net worth ranging between $1 million to $5 million. He earns his living primarily from his song streams, shows, record label deals, paid promotion among others.


Full NameChalim Perry
Stage NameSha EK
Date of BirthApril 8, 2003
Age20 years
EthnicityAfro-Honduran/ African-American
Net Worth$1 million
Height5 feet 9 inches
Weight60 kilograms

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