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Bentley Continental price, models and specifications

Bentley Continental price, models and specifications

The Bentley Continental is a line of luxury grand tourers produced by the British automaker Bentley Motors. Since its inception, the Continental has been synonymous with luxury, power, and exquisite craftsmanship, embodying the essence of high-end British automotive engineering. It’s known for its blend of performance and luxury, making it a popular choice among those who demand both power and elegance in their vehicles.

History of Bentley Continental

First Generation (1952–1965): The Bentley Continental name first appeared in the early 1950s with the R-Type Continental. It was one of the fastest and most elegant cars of its time, characterized by its beautiful design and high performance.

Continental GT (2003–present): The modern iteration of the Bentley Continental, known as the Continental GT, was introduced in 2003. It marked a new era for Bentley under the ownership of the Volkswagen Group, blending classic Bentley DNA with modern technology and design. The GT was followed by the GTC (convertible) in 2006.

Second Generation GT (2011–2018): This generation introduced improved technology, design, and performance. It continued to offer luxury and power, with enhancements in comfort and driving dynamics.

Third Generation GT (2018–present): The latest generation of the Continental GT, introduced in 2018, features further advancements in technology, performance, and luxury. It’s built on the Volkswagen Group’s MSB platform, shared with the Porsche Panamera.

Models and Price of Bentley Continental

The Bentley Continental comes in various models, primarily the GT (coupe) and GTC (convertible). As of 2023, prices generally start at around $200,000 for the base models but can increase significantly with customization and added features.

Specs of Each Model

GT/GTC V8: Features a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, producing about 542 hp. It offers a balance of performance and efficiency.

GT/GTC W12: Equipped with a 6.0-liter twin-turbo W12 engine, generating around 626 hp, offering more power and a higher level of performance.

Speed: This variant enhances performance further, with the W12 engine tuned for higher output and sportier driving dynamics.

Where is the Bentley Continental Made?

The Bentley Continental is manufactured at Bentley’s factory in Crewe, England. This facility is known for its combination of modern technology and traditional craftsmanship, where much of the work is still done by hand.

10 Famous People Using Bentley Continental Around the World:

Many celebrities and public figures are known to own or have owned a Bentley Continental, reflecting its status as a symbol of luxury and success. Some notable individuals include:

  • Queen Elizabeth II
  • Kim Kardashian
  • LeBron James
  • David Beckham
  • Paris Hilton
  • Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Floyd Mayweather Jr.
  • Jay-Z
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Simon Cowell

These individuals, among many others, have been seen driving or owning a Bentley Continental, further cementing its reputation as a vehicle associated with prestige and exclusivity.

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