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New and used Land Rover Defender price in Ghana

New and used Land Rover Defender price in Ghana

The Land Rover Defender is widely regarded as one of the most legendary off-road vehicles that have ever been manufactured. Its ancestry can be traced all the way back to the very first Land Rover Series vehicles, which were introduced all the way back in 1948. The vehicle was developed initially for use on farms and in light industrial settings; however, it immediately became famous all over the world for its tough durability and its ability to travel anywhere.

Below is the price of Land Rover Defender in Ghana

Land Rover Defender 2002100,000 cedis
Land Rover Defender 2011220,000 cedis
Land Rover Defender 20221,000,000 cedis
Land Rover Defender 20231, 350,000 cedis


Series I, II, and III (1948–1985)

  • The original Land Rovers had a very utilitarian design. It was simple, boxy, and built for function over form.
  • The design evolved slowly over these years, with changes to the grille, wheelbase length, and other minor adjustments.

Defender (1990–2016)

  • The Defender, introduced in 1990, was a continuation of the Series models but was the first to bear the “Defender” name. The name was to differentiate it from the Discovery, which was launched around the same time.
  • While maintaining the rugged boxy shape of its predecessors, it featured improved interiors, better seating arrangements, and a more comfortable ride.

New Defender (2020–present as of my last update)

  • Introduced in 2019 for the 2020 model year, the new Defender is a radical departure from its predecessors in terms of design. While it takes inspiration from the classic silhouette, it incorporates modern design cues, sleek lines, and updated technology.
  • The interior is more luxurious, combining modern tech with rugged touches reminiscent of the Defender’s utilitarian past.


Series Models

  • Originally, the Series I came with a 1.6L petrol engine. Over time, a variety of petrol and diesel engines were introduced, including 2.0L, 2.25L, and 2.5L options.
  • These vehicles were equipped with manual transmissions and robust 4×4 systems.

Defender (1990–2016)

  • Engine options included both petrol and diesel variants, ranging from 2.2L to 3.5L.
  • They had permanent 4WD, coil springs, and a robust build, enabling them to tackle challenging terrains.

New Defender (2020–present)

  • The latest generation offers a variety of engines, including petrol, diesel, and even a plug-in hybrid option.
  • Modern features such as air suspension, a sophisticated AWD system with terrain response, and advanced driver-assist technologies are available.

Available Models and Their Released Dates

  1. Series I: Introduced in 1948
  2. Series II: Debuted in 1958
  3. Series IIA: Launched in 1961
  4. Series III: Introduced in 1971
  5. Defender: The name was adopted in 1990, though the vehicle itself was a continuation of the Series lineage.
  6. New Defender 110: Revealed in 2019 for the 2020 model year.
  7. New Defender 90: Introduced a bit later, after the 110 version, in the 2020 model year.

Throughout its long history, the Defender has seen various special editions, updates, and configurations. Despite the changes over the decades, the Defender remains a symbol of resilience, adventure, and undying spirit, paying homage to its storied past while embracing the future.

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