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New and used Land Rover Discovery price in Ghana

New and used Land Rover Discovery price in Ghana

The Land Rover Discovery is a mid-size luxury SUV that was first unveiled in 1989. Land Rover fans affectionately refer to this vehicle as the “Disco.” It was conceived as a compromise between the Land Rover Defender series, which is known for its ruggedness, and the Range Rover, which is known for its luxury. The Land Rover Discovery is one of the vehicles that has become one of the most well-known and successful over the course of the company’s history. It is well-known for its capability both on and off the road, as well as its family-friendly attributes.

Below is the price of Land Rover Discovery in Ghana

Land Rover Discovery 2011220,000 cedis
Land Rover Discovery 2016320,000 cedis
Land Rover Discovery 2017360,000 cedis
Land Rover Discovery 2018400,000 cedis


Discovery Series I (1989–1998)

  • The original Discovery maintained a boxy and practical shape, with distinctive design features like the stepped roof and asymmetrically positioned rear number plate.
  • The interior was more refined than the Defender but not as luxurious as the Range Rover, striking a middle ground.

Discovery Series II (1998–2004)

  • While based on the Series I, the Series II had nearly 720 differences, with only the door handles being carried over.
  • It retained the distinctive stepped roof but introduced a more refined appearance, especially in the interior.

Discovery 3/LR3 (2004–2009)

  • A significant departure from the previous models, this generation introduced a rounded yet still boxy design. The stepped roof and asymmetric rear design cues remained.
  • The interior saw major upgrades in terms of luxury, technology, and materials used.

Discovery 4/LR4 (2009–2016)

  • An evolution of the Discovery 3, it offered design refinements, with a more modern front fascia, improved interiors, and updated technology features.

Discovery 5 (2017–present as of my last update)

  • Introduced a bold new design with more rounded edges, while still hinting at the iconic stepped roof.
  • The interior mirrored modern Land Rover luxury, filled with advanced tech and comfort features.


Discovery Series I and II

  • A variety of petrol and diesel engines, ranging from 2.0L to 4.0L, were available. They came equipped mainly with manual transmissions, though automatic options were also offered.
  • Permanent four-wheel drive was standard.

Discovery 3 and 4

  • Engines included a range of petrol and diesel options, such as the 2.7L TDV6, 3.0L TDV6, and the 5.0L V8 petrol engine.
  • Came with a 6-speed or 8-speed automatic transmission and advanced terrain response systems, enhancing off-road capability.

Discovery 5

  • Features a variety of Ingenium engine options, including 2.0L four-cylinder and 3.0L six-cylinder diesel and petrol variants.
  • Advanced tech includes an 8-speed automatic transmission, terrain response 2 system, and electronic air suspension.

Available Models and Their Released Dates

  1. Discovery Series I: Introduced in 1989
  2. Discovery Series II: Launched in 1998
  3. Discovery 3/LR3: Debuted in 2004
  4. Discovery 4/LR4: Released in 2009
  5. Discovery 5: Introduced in 2017

Various special editions and trims have been available throughout the Discovery’s history, catering to diverse customer needs, from urban commuting to serious off-roading.

The Land Rover Discovery, over its generations, has effectively combined off-road capability with on-road comfort, and its evolving design and specifications mirror the brand’s commitment to innovation while respecting heritage.

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