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New and used Mercedes Benz GLA Class price in Ghana

New and used Mercedes Benz GLA Class price in Ghana

The Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class – GLA 200, GLA 250, GLA 220d is a compact luxury SUV, marking the brand’s entry into the subcompact luxury SUV segment. Introduced as part of Mercedes’ compact vehicle range expansion, the GLA provides a combination of the utility of an SUV and the nimbleness of a hatchback.

How much is Mercedes Benz GLA Class?

Mercedes Benz GLA Class 2015250,000
Mercedes Benz GLA Class 2016300,000
Mercedes Benz GLA Class 2017 – 2018320,000
Mercedes Benz GLA Class 2019350,000
Mercedes Benz GLA Class 2020390,000


First Generation (X156; 2014-2019)

  • Exterior: The initial GLA design was akin to a raised hatchback rather than a traditional SUV. It featured a sporty stance with a sloped roofline, sculpted sides, and a signature Mercedes-Benz grille.
  • Interior: Inside, the GLA took inspiration from the A-Class, with a modern design, circular air vents, a free-standing infotainment screen, and a mix of premium materials.

Second Generation (H247; 2020-present as of my last update)

  • Exterior: The second-generation GLA boasts a more upright and traditional SUV stance, with increased height and a redesigned front end.
  • Interior: A significant interior revamp incorporates the latest MBUX infotainment system with a dual-screen setup, offering both digital instrument cluster and central display. The overall quality, tech, and luxury quotient has been elevated to be in line with newer Mercedes-Benz models.


First Generation

  • Engine Options: A range of petrol and diesel engines was offered, from efficient four-cylinder options to performance-oriented units in the AMG variant.
  • Transmission: Depending on the market and model, a 6-speed manual or a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission was available.
    Drive: Both front-wheel drive and 4MATIC all-wheel-drive variants were sold.

Second Generation

  • Engine Options: The powertrain lineup includes updated petrol and diesel engines, as well as a plug-in hybrid version in certain markets.
  • Transmission: The GLA primarily features a 7-speed or 8-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.
  • Drive: As with the first generation, both FWD and AWD (4MATIC) options are present.

Available Models and Their Released Dates

First Generation (X156)

  • Introduced in 2013 and started sales in 2014, running through to 2019.
  • Mercedes-AMG GLA 45: Launched a bit later in the model’s lifecycle, this high-performance variant brought impressive power and agility to the lineup.

Second Generation (H247)

  • Debuted in December 2019 as a 2020 model year.
  • Mercedes-AMG GLA 35 & GLA 45: These are the sporty iterations of the second-generation GLA, with the GLA 45 being the more performance-focused of the two.

Across its life, the GLA has seen various model designations based on engine output and market, such as the GLA 200, GLA 250, GLA 220d, and others.

The GLA-Class has quickly become an essential pillar in Mercedes-Benz’s compact vehicle range, offering an entry point into the luxury SUV market for many buyers and competing head-to-head with rivals in a growing segment.

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