New and used Nissan Rogue price in Ghana

New and used Nissan Rogue price in Ghana

The Nissan Rogue was first introduced to the public in 2007, and it didn’t take long for it to become one of Nissan’s most popular vehicles, particularly in North America. The Rogue is Nissan’s answer to the growing demand for vehicles that combine the utility of SUVs with the maneuverability and fuel economy of smaller passenger cars in the form of a compact crossover SUV. The Rogue was launched in order to fulfill this desire.

Below is the price of Nissan Rogue in Ghana

Nissan Rogue 200990,000 cedis
Nissan Rogue 2010100,000 cedis
Nissan Rogue 2011 – 2012120,000 cedis
Nissan Rogue 2013130,000 cedis
Nissan Rogue 2015150,000 cedis
Nissan Rogue 2016170,000 cedis
Nissan Rogue 2017 – 2018250,000 cedis
Nissan Rogue 2019280,000 cedis


First Generation (2007-2013)

  • The Rogue adopted a streamlined design with a sloping roofline, giving it a sporty demeanor. The front fascia featured Nissan’s then-current design language with large headlights and a prominent grille.
  • Inside, the Rogue emphasized user-friendliness with a straightforward instrument cluster and center console.

Second Generation (2014-2020)

  • The design matured and became more sophisticated. It was bigger and offered a more sculpted appearance with sharper lines. The V-motion grille, which became a hallmark of Nissan’s design language, was prominently featured.
  • The interior saw enhancements in terms of quality, space, and technology. The infotainment system was modernized, and more premium materials were introduced.

Third Generation (2021-present as of my last update)

  • The Rogue’s design was further refined, echoing the design evolution seen in other Nissan models. A more squared-off, robust stance contrasted with intricate design details like the split-headlight setup.
  • Inside, a focus on comfort and technology is evident. The dashboard design is horizontal and layered, with a floating infotainment screen and a digital instrument cluster available.


First Generation

  • Powered primarily by a 2.5L four-cylinder engine producing around 170 hp, paired with a continuously variable transmission (CVT).
  • Front-wheel drive was standard, with all-wheel drive available as an option.

Second Generation

  • Continued with the 2.5L four-cylinder engine but saw incremental increases in power and efficiency. CVT remained the primary transmission.
  • Advanced safety features like ProPILOT Assist, Nissan’s semi-autonomous driving feature, were introduced.

Third Generation

  • The 2.5L engine was updated for better performance and efficiency, producing around 181 hp.
  • An array of safety and driver-assistance features under the Nissan Safety Shield 360 suite became standard or available.

Available Models and Their Released Dates

  1. First Generation: Introduced in 2007
  2. Second Generation: Launched in 2014
  3. Third Generation: Debuted in 2021

Over its production life, the Rogue has been available in various trims, which have included base models like the “S”, mid-tier “SV”, and more premium and feature-packed “SL” trims. The specific names, offerings, and features of these trims have evolved over time and can vary based on the market.

The Nissan Rogue’s success is a testament to its ability to adapt to market trends and consumer demands, offering a blend of utility, comfort, technology, and safety in a stylish package.

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