New and used Toyota Yaris price in Ghana

New and used Toyota Yaris price in Ghana

The Toyota Yaris is a small car that Toyota has been making for a long time. The Yaris was created in the late 1990s specifically for urban drivers and markets that preferred smaller, more efficient vehicles. In various regions, this car has been called different names, like the Toyota Vitz, Toyota Echo, and Toyota Platz.

Below is the price of Toyota Yaris in Ghana

Toyota Yaris yearPrice in Cedis
Toyota Yaris Hatch Back 2009
Toyota Yaris Sedan 2009
Toyota Yaris Hatch Back 2010
Toyota Yaris Sedan 2010
Toyota Yaris Hatch Back 2011
Toyota Yaris Sedan 2011
Toyota Yaris Hatch Back 2012
Toyota Yaris Sedan 2012
Toyota Yaris 2013 -hatch back70,000
Toyota Yaris 2014 -sedan100,000
Toyota Yaris LE Hatch Back 2015
Toyota Yaris Sedan 2015
Toyota Yaris 2016 – 2017 sedan130,000
Toyota Yaris 2018 – sedan140,000
Toyota Yaris 2019 – sedan160,000

Types of Toyota Yaris

  • Toyota Yaris L
  • Toyota Yaris LE
  • Toyota Yaris SE


First Generation (1999-2005)

  • Known as the Toyota Vitz in the United Kingdom and Yaris elsewhere, its design was characterized by a tall hatchback body, which maximized interior space within a compact footprint.
  • In North America, the sedan version was known as the Toyota Echo.
  • The design emphasized a youthful, bubbly appearance with rounded shapes and a high roofline.

Second Generation (2005-2013)

  • The Yaris evolved with a more refined and sleeker design, although it still retained its compact dimensions.
  • The headlamps were more prominent, and the overall shape became more aerodynamic.
  • Both hatchback and sedan versions were available, with the hatchback continuing to be the more popular choice in many markets.

Third Generation (2013-present as of my last update)

  • The design became even more modern and aligned with Toyota’s global design language. The front fascia was more aggressive, and the car’s profile became sportier.
  • The hatchback’s rear was more sculpted, and the sedan, while still maintaining its subcompact size, looked more upscale.


First Generation

  • Primarily powered by small-displacement engines ranging from 1.0L to 1.5L, both in gasoline and diesel options, depending on the market.
  • Offered with manual or automatic transmissions.

Second Generation

  • Engine options remained in the small-displacement range but saw improvements in power and efficiency.
  • Transmissions included manual, automatic, and CVT options in certain regions.

Third Generation

  • Continued to offer efficient small-displacement engines, with hybrid options becoming available in some markets.
  • Safety features and in-car technology saw significant upgrades, aligning the Yaris with more premium offerings in Toyota’s lineup.

Available Models and Their Released Dates

First Generation

  • Introduced as the Toyota Vitz in Japan in 1999.
  • Released as the Yaris in Europe and other markets shortly after.
  • The Toyota Echo, the sedan version, debuted in North America in 2000.

Second Generation

  • Launched globally in 2005.
  • The Yaris name became more standardized across markets, although name variations still existed in certain regions.

Third Generation

  • Debuted in 2013 and continued to be offered in both hatchback and sedan forms.

Throughout its history, the Yaris has been available in various trim levels, typically including base, mid-range, and more equipped versions. The specific trim names have varied by market.

The Toyota Yaris’s enduring appeal lies in its efficiency, reliability, and adaptability to urban environments. Over the years, Toyota has continuously updated the model to keep it fresh and relevant to its target audience.

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